A flexible business model
to support the hoteliers.

Why choose Gruppo UNA.

A network of possibilities and concrete values.

Joining Gruppo UNA does not just mean embracing a solid reality with established and concrete know-how. It also means being part of a network, at various commitment levels, while maintaining, in the case of franchising, the individuality and management of the structure. This is done through a concrete and simple business model, which supports the hotelier adding real value.

Mission, Vision and Group values.

Being the leading Italian hospitality chain.
We want to be the first choice for every tourist and business traveler who considers hospitality as a way to experience Italian culture, design and gastronomy.

“We are the first Italian hotel chain.
Not only because we are the only 100% Italian one. Not only because we are the largest, with forty facilities throughout the national territory. But also and primarily because we make the Italian way of life our strength, and we do that with warmth, passion, hospitality and authenticity.

Gruppo UNA is warm, empathetic and authentic, i.e. unique and sincere. Completely immersed in the Italian territorial context, it is characterized by true joy of life.
Passion is the drive that inspires all our actions and is intrinsically linked to one of the aspects of which Gruppo UNA is most proud: the Italian human touch, a fundamental component in the relationship between brand and customer.
Gruppo UNA has long been engaged in a sustainability effort, which takes the form of the exclusive use of certified energy from renewable sources, the search for products from certified supply chains in its purchasing processes and the adoption of waste management policies that minimize environmental impact.
The activity of Gruppo UNA is part of the broader Ethical code shared with the Unipol Group, its main shareholder. The convergence of two similar corporate cultures places the individual and the customized service at the center of a virtuous synergy.

The network.

With UNA Esperienze, UNAHOTELS andUNAWAY our portfolio of 35 hotels, resorts and aparthotels is presented through 3 new brands, which in turn symbolize three ways of experiencing hospitality and are aimed respectively at the upper-upscale, upscale and smart segments.
In this way, Gruppo UNA aims at consolidating its position as a leading Italian operator and expanding the number of facilities managed in prestigious metropolitan areas and in the leading tourist destinations.

Present in 9 regions of Italy,the Group covers as many as 17 different destinations and offers over 4,650 rooms in total.

  • 26 URBAN HOTELS: one 5-star and twenty-five 4-star facilities
  • 5 RESORTS: all 4-star
  • 4 APARTHOTELS: all 4-star

The advantages of the network.

Over 100 professionals in the head office work in synergy and support the 39 hotels of the Group in the main business areas.

  • Sales: Agreements with national and international customers, and with the main market operators in all segments. A constant presence and effective growth in new business.
  • Marketing: Investments with high ROI to increase the awareness and positioning of the 3 brands of our portfolio.
    • Purchases: Negotiation with selected and specialized suppliers thanks to the strength and solidity of the Unipol Group.
  • Quality: Constant support in achieving important goals, with ongoing analysis of strengths and weaknesses in order to grow and improve.  
  • Administration, IT, management control and human resources: A constant and strategic support for day-by-day activities.

Relying on Gruppo UNA means entering a virtuous circle of constantly growing opportunities.