Code of Ethics, environmental
sustainability and social responsibility

Path to improvement

Gruppo UNA has for some time been committed to a path of environmental sustainability and social responsibility which takes the form of strategic and operational choices attentive to the needs and expectations of all stakeholders. Path that is part of the broadest respect for the Charter of Values ​​and the Code of Ethics and the MOG shared with the Unipol Group.

Charter of Values and Code of Ethics

Accessibility, Foresight, Respect, Solidarity and Responsibility: the five core values underlying our daily commitment.

The Group’s Charter of Values has formed a basis for the preparation of the Group’s Code of Ethics which outlines the standards of conduct the Group observes in its relationships with all stakeholders.

Environmental sustainability

The responsibility to think long-term for the future of the environment: an approach that starts from the strategic use of technology in order to improve guest satisfaction and to reduce the environmental impact of business activities.

Social responsibility

To evolve by creating value aimed at lasting over time: this is the process in which we participate by collaborating with welfare, cultural and sporting initiatives and by looking at inclusive and sustainable growth in the long term.

Whistleblowing reports

Guaranteeing confidentiality and providing protection from reprisal: these are the goals adopted to ensure that whistleblowers are able to report potentially illegal acts or events they become aware of in their workplace through internal channels specifically set up by the company..