Cookie Policy

This page explains how the website manages cookies and the associated processing of a user's personal information.

Please visit the Privacy section if you'd like to read more about our website's security policies, the Data Controller, the list of Data Managers, the processing methods and the rights of interested parties (in accordance with the current legislation concerning personal data protection).

Cookies are small text files that the websites that you visit send to your device (desktop computer, tablet, smartphone, notebook), where they are stored before being sent back to the same websites on subsequent visits. They are used as a means of authentication, to monitor sessions, and to memorise information about websites (without the use of "technical" cookies, it would be very complex or impossible to use the website). When browsing a website, the user's device may also be sent cookies from different websites or web servers ("third-party cookies"), which may contain certain elements (such as images, maps, sounds, or specific links to pages on other domains) that appear on the website that the user is visiting.

The cookies we use are divided into the following categories:


Technical cookies make using our website a smoother experience and make it easier to retrieve information by simplifying the connection and transfer of data between the user and website.

In particular, we use browsing or session cookies, which allow the user to browse and use the website normally, for example by allowing an estimate to be calculated or as a means of authentication when logging into the user's personal section.

The user's prior consent is not required to place these cookies, and they are automatically deleted when the browser is closed or when the user logs out.

We would also like to inform you that, at any time, you may authorise, limit or block cookies via your browser settings. However, if you set your device to refuse these cookies, some services on the website may not be displayed correctly or may not work properly, in particular it may be more difficult to identify users and make sure they stay identified during a session and use of the website may be less secure in the absence of technical cookies.

We must also inform you that your profiling cookie preferences, which you told us in the banner that appeared when you first visited the website, is tracked via a technical cookie.


Third-party cookies are set by a website other than the one the user is visiting. This is because every website may contain elements (images, maps, sounds, specific links to web pages in other domains, etc.) that are stored on servers other than the server of the website being visited.
We use analytics and third-party profiling cookies on our website, as mentioned below.
These are persistent cookies, as they remain active until their expiry date (their duration varies, depending on the type of cookie) or until they are deleted by the user.
You may authorise, limit or block these cookies at any time in your browser settings.
ANALYTICS cookies from third parties

They are used by our website to collect information about how it is used, but they are managed by third parties (Google Analytics). These cookies, similar to technical cookies, are processed in aggregate form to monitor the most visited sections of the website, to improve website content, to make the website easier to use, and to ensure the website functions correctly.


We use third-party remarketing tools (Google ADS, Facebook Ads, Google Marketing Platform) that allow our partner to use cookies on our website in order to show the user promotional messages for our goods and services on other websites, in keeping with browsing use.

We also allow affiliate marketing companies and programmatic advertising companies (Affilired) to use their cookies on our website, which provide technical information about the performance of our promotional adverts on the web and allow us to improve and optimise our sales.
Prior consent from the user is required for profiling cookies, which is given by accessing any element underneath the banner that appears the first time the user visits the website.
Third-party privacy policy and consent
We would like to inform you that you can obtain information about third-party cookies and you can authorise, limit or block these cookies by consulting the privacy policy and using the relative consent form that third parties listed below provide:

    Google Analytics
    Google ADS
    Facebook Ads
    Google Marketing Platform


This section explains how you can disable cookies in your browser.
We should remind you that if you disable cookies certain sections of the website may not function correctly.
If your browser does not appear in the list below, please consult your browser instructions about how to manage cookies.
Internet Explorer version 6 or higher

    Click on "Tools" in your browser toolbar
    Click on "Internet Options"
    Click on "Privacy" and then click on "Advanced"
    Click on "Change automatic cookie management"
    Disable "Cookies from viewed websites" by selecting "Block"
    Disable "Third-party cookies" by selecting "Block"
    Disable "Session cookies" by unchecking "Always accept session cookies"
    Click "OK"

Firefox version 9 or higher

    Click on "Tools" in your browser toolbar
    Click on "Options"
    Click on "Privacy"
    In the "Browser History" section, choose the option "use customised settings" from the dropdown menu
    Disable cookies by unchecking "Accept cookies from websites"
    Click "OK"

Google Chrome version 24 or higher

    Click on "Chrome Menu" in your browser toolbar
    Click on "Settings"
    Click on "Show advanced settings"
    In the "Privacy" section click on "Content Settings"
    Disable all cookies by clicking on "Stop websites from setting data" and "Block third-party cookies and website data"
    Click "OK"