24 Italian destinations, 24 dreams that may come true.

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Tips and scenarios for a perfect Vacanza in Italia

Gruppo UNA offers guests a full and authentic glimpse of everything Italy has to offer with 51 unique hotels, villas and resorts located in 24 matchless locations across 13 regions of Italy. No matter whether your Italian dream means a stay in an authentic medieval town, a hideaway in the Tuscan hills, a smart hub in the heart of Milan or a relaxing coastal resort, Gruppo UNA takes you there. We look forward to sharing our personal recommendations and local tips with you to ensure your trip is filled with all the charm Gruppo UNA’s matchless destinations have to offer.

Popular destinations


For an authentic experience of modern, urban Italy with all the charm of a rich and varied historical past, Milan is an ideal destination.


Splendid theatres, medieval terracotta buildings, countless arches and fascinating art jostle alongside graffiti covered piazzas and scruffy student hangouts; in short, an ideal place to discover an authentic myriad of read Italian life and flavour.


One of Italy’s most iconic destinations, Florence is an essential stop-off on any Italian itinerary. Brimming with culture, art and history, this Renaissance city welcomes discerning travellers with warm Tuscan hospitality, sunny weather and timeless Italian style.


Italy’s inspiring capital, Rome seduces visitors with its artistic riches, fascinating history and countless ruins, profound culture and vibrant street culture. Unrivalled in its atmosphere and style, Rome promises visitors an unforgettable experience.