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Visit Florence: a Tour between Art, History and Beauty

Florence is a city of laid-back beauty and elegance, where Renaissance was born.

Gruppo UNA main sponsor of Secretary Day 2019

The day, dedicated to secretaries from all over Italy, will take place on June 24th in the setting of the UNAHOTELS Expo Fiera Milano.

Dreaming Sicily: superlative landscapes from Gruppo UNA hotels

Catania, Taormina, Siracusa and more: Sicily in a glimpse from Gruppo UNA hotels and resorts.

Discover the Italian countryside and get the best hotel for your stay

When spring begins to unfold, the weather starts to warm up and the countryside flowers and blossom burst into colour, it is the perfect time to think about booking a few days in a country house hotel in Italy.

Checking in and out of your hotel: some travel tips for Italy

While you might find some slight variations across regions and destinations, most hotels in Italy offer similar check-in and check-out rules.

Italian Easter recipes: taste the tradition

Whether experiences on a weekend city break in Venice or on a rural retreat in Tuscany, Easter recipes in Italy represent the different cultures and traditions found throughout many Italian regions.

Discover Italian nature during spring

Spring a wonderful time to plan a visit to Italy because of a fusion of culture and nature. And wherever you go, spring unfolds new joys and surprises all over the Country.

10 tips for sleeping well in hotels
Day by day, a special Easter holiday in Tuscany

There's something about Italy at Easter time. For anyone who loves to steep themselves in the traditions of the bel paese, an Easter break adds a whole new dimension to their holiday experience.

Easter in Italy: discover Sicily. A Tour between Siracusa, Catania and Taormina

The Italy Easter holidays for 2019 are just a few short weeks away. With spring flowers beginning to bloom and the weather turning warmer, Sicily is the right choice.

Unique and refined: discover the personality of the Leone Blu Suites | UNA Esperienze to find the most similar to you


Each of the nine suites of Leone Blu Suites | UNA Esperienze has a story to tell, which is told through art, inimitable styles and combinations. Discover the personality of a unique historical residence.

Leone Blu Suites | UNA Esperienze, elegance and history in the heart of Florence

A vintage residence in the centre of Florence with uniquely and characteristically decorated and furnished suites, it's the perfect balance between historic heritage and modern comfort.

Italy and design, not only a guide for the Milano Design Week

Italy and design go hand-in-hand. Style and elegance are seen throughout the country in the architecture, interior design and fashion. And even in hotels and resorts.

Leonardo da Vinci anniversary: discover Italy with a special tour

2019 is a very special year for da Vinci lovers. On 2 May, it will be 500 years since the great man died, and galleries and museums across Italy are getting ready to stage a fitting Leonardo da Vinci anniversary celebration.

Welcome Spring! Especially if you're visiting Italy: 5 top destinations

Are you looking for the perfect excuse to visit Italy? Here you are 5 good reasons to plan your next break.

What to wear in Italy for a Spring getaway

How it is made a perfect suitcase for a Spring vacation in Italy? It depends in part upon where you're going and what you'll be doing.

Milan Furniture Fair 2019: what to see, events and programmes

Italy is passionate about design. It leads the way in many design fields including fashion, architecture, product design and, of course, furniture.

Bologna and its neighbourhoods for a wonderful Easter Holiday in Italy

Easter is the perfect time to explore the city of Bologna. It's a time when Italians gather together with friends to share food and good times, so you can expect fabulous cuisine and plenty of atmosphere.

Father's Day 2019: 3 ideas for a a father-son trip in Italy

Surprise him with a special vacation to Italy: choose our suggested destination and celebrate a memorable Father's Day.

Gruppo UNA shines at Italian Mission Awards 2019

Gruppo UNA was awarded for “Best Business Hotel in Centre & South Italy” and “Best Events & Meetings Spaces for Centre & South Italy”.

Gruppo UNA: new investments in MICE Industry

The launch of an entire web section dedicated to the meeting industry, team expansion and a new Booking Office for hotels in Milan and Varese.

Women's Day: 3 travel suggestions for her

We thought of 3 destinations to celebrate the Women's Day: live a short stay in Gruppo UNA hotels and recharge your energy to start again with even more determination!

Spring Break in Milan: what to see, where to sleep.

A visit to Milan is an experience to treasure at any time of year, but in spring the city is more magical than ever.

Summer In Italy: the best places to visit, from North to South

When the time comes to book your next summer holiday destination, Italy offers plenty of unexplored opportunities.

Spring Break in Rome: what to see, where to sleep

Steeped in history but blended with cosmopolitan life, the city of Rome offers an adventure for every taste. Travelling to Rome in spring is a delight to the senses.

Marble Quarries in Massa di Carrara: an unconventional destination in one of the most iconic location in Italy.

There are some undiscovered gems that very few tourists see: the marble quarries of Massa di Carrara definitely fit into this category.

Seaside Holidays in Italy: when is the right moment to book your room?

If you're wondering when to travel to Italy and see the Amalfi coast, the Italian rivieras, Sicily, Tuscany or the beauty of the Capri islands, there are ways to improve your holiday experience.

UNA Esperienze exhibits a renewed elegance

The UNA Esperienze staff’s new uniforms are ready: they combine elegance and sophistication with simplicity and neatness. And yes, of course, they are tailor-made.

Travel with kids: 10 tips for a well-organized start

At Gruppo UNA, we like to extend a warm and traditional Italian welcome to all of our guests whatever their age. And, of course, wherever children go in Italy, they're sure to be welcomed with open arms.

Spring Break: 5 ways to pack all your stuff perfectly

We will take you through some tips showing you how to pack and ways to make the process quicker and easier.

Rome city break: enjoy as much Italian lifestyle as you can.

Rome is famed as one of the most romantic cities in the world. It is often cited as a must-see destination thanks to the rich history, delicious cuisine and stylish shopping opportunities found in the city.

Summer in Italy: the best destinations for families

Italy is the ideal destination for a family holiday jam-packed full of excitement, adventure and cultural delights. Here you are some tips to enjoy this experience to the full.

Holidays in Sicily: discover it and plan your holidays

History and culture and a volcano on the doorstep - you'll find something to entrance you when you plan your Sicily holidays for 2019.

Painmoon: a jorney to get rid of anger, sadness (and love disappointments)

It’s one of the new tendencies in terms of travel. It’s a therapy break to leave behind all the difficult moments that no one would ever post on his Instagram.

At Carnival time, every trip counts. Especially those in Italy

We invite you to join the most beautiful Carnival parties in Italy with a special stay in UNA Esperienze Hotels.

Vacation between the sea and nature in the Versilia Riviera

The Versilia Riviera refers to a 13 km stretch of coastline located between Forte dei Marmi and Viareggio.

Naples city break: where to stay, eat and what to do

Naples, Napoli in Italian, is a city of history and nature. Set on the shore of a sweeping bay with the imposing figure of Mount Vesuvius to the south.

Traditional sweets for your Carnival in Italy

Taking place in early February, carnival marks the real start of the year in cities all across Italy. If you love flamboyant spectacle, music and general good vibes, it's an unmissable experience.

Milan Fashion Week 2019: fashion can't wait

As one of the four big fashion capitals of the world, eyes are always on Milan for the shows during Fashion Week.

Historical carnivals in Italy: Ivrea, Cento, Acireale, Putignano and more

Carnivals are huge, colourful events in Italy; they are a time of celebration, people wearing beautifully garish masks and costumes, and having fun with friends and loved ones.

Milan fashion capital: all the reason it is the best city for shopping

Fashion and Milan simply go hand-in-hand. Everywhere you look in this city, you will see designer boutiques and elegantly-dressed fashion worshippers.

Carnival in Italy: the perfect match between colours, food and traditions

In an explosion of colour, carnival floats parade through towns, villages and cities in Italy from mid-February to the beginning of March every year.

Carnival of Venice: a heightened and fantastic escape from the everyday world.

Venice is a magical city at any time, but it takes on an entirely new dimension during festival season.

Valentine's Day in Florence: which are the most romantic places?

A historical city full of romance, Florence is the perfect destination to visit for Valentine's Day. Beautiful scenery, delicious cuisine, and incredible sights make the city a joy for couples.

Experience the Viareggio Carnival: the most colorful spring break

If you're thinking of an Italian spring break, why not head to Viareggio for the city's famous carnival celebrations?

Valentine's Day in Rome: 3 good reason to take your Valentine to Italy

It's widely believed that Rome was actually the home town of Saint Valentine. But history isn't the only reason to visit Italy's capital on Valentine's Day.

Winter beauty: the perfect excuse for enjoying a break in Italy

When the skies overhead are grey and the days are cold, there is no better time to pamper yourself with some winter beauty treatments in luxurious Italian hotels.

Italian traditional feast: the Festival of Sant'Agata in Catania

Perfectly placed at the foot of Italy and in the heart of the Mediterranean, Sicily has been tempting conquerors, settlers and visitors since records began.

Recruiting Days Sicily

For those who want to start a career in the Hospitality industry or seek new opportunities for career growth, the dates to be marked on the agenda are January 29th and 30th, 2019.

Enjoy the real Italian hospitality thank to Gruppo UNA special offer

Exclusive rates reduced by 30% are already active on UNA Esperienze, UNAHOTELS and UNAWAY hotels.

Men's Fashion Week Milan 2019: over 100 fashion shows and presentations

Although women's fashion generally dominates the scene, men's Fashion Week is becoming a bigger event every season.

In February take a flight to Venice: Italy's travel guide 2019

Why not take a trip to Venice with Gruppo UNA? The "Queen of the Adriatic" is an achingly romantic Valentine's Day destination, but it doesn't just appeal to lovers. Anyone who wants a break from work or the frosts at home can find refuge in this beautiful city.

March is a wonderful time to visit Tuscany, and that's why

March is the turning point of the seasons from winter to spring. Cold, dark days begin to give way to warmer, sunny days, and the natural world wakes up: the right moment to visit Tuscany

Italy travel guide 2019: Spring Break in Milan

Now is a great time to plan your travel adventures in 2019, and where better to start than by organising a spring break? Banish the winter blues and kick-start a season of exploration by heading to Italy with Gruppo UNA.

New Year's Eve in Milan: how to celebrate it

You can't do much better than Milan. Italy's second largest city welcomes everyone into its heart for the turning of the year, with parties and feasts aplenty.

Italy's travel guide 2019: in January discover Bologna

Bologna could be absolutely the ideal city for you. The capital of Emilia Romagna province is easily accessible by air, and has so much to offer.

New Year's Eve in Tuscany: how to celebrate it

Located in north-western Italy, Tuscany is home to cosmopolitan, historic cities like Florence and Pisa. You will discover Renaissance gems like Lucca and Siena, and countless hilltop villages to take your breath away.

Italy's travel guide 2019: Discover the Versilia Riviera

Are you looking for a coastal getaway in the New Year? Or somewhere which provides access to great beaches, beautiful scenery, and historical attractions?

How to celebrate New Year's Eve in Rome

Known as Capodanno in Italy, New Year's Eve is a thrilling part of the holiday festivities. And, since Italians never do anything by halves, the entire city feels charged with excitement prior to the end of year celebrations.

Italy's travel guide 2019: a test of summer in Catania

Located on the eastern coast of the island, Catania is a youthful city with a thriving cultural scene, some incredible historical attractions, fine food, and beaches and natural wonders not too far away.

Torino XXL: Gruppo UNA on the most famous board game in Turin

The Hotel Principi di Piemonte | UNA Esperienze is among the protagonists of the new edition of Torino XXL, the most famous board game of Turin, besides the celebrated Egyptian Museum, the National Museum of Cinema and other symbols of the city.

Christmas Holidays: 10 good reasons to travel to Italy at Christmas time

When looking for somewhere special to spend the Christmas holidays, Italy should be top of the list. A rich, vibrant culture surrounds Christmas in Italy, making it the ideal destination for both couples and families. Here are some ideas for the Christmas holidays and where to go in Italy.

Christmas gift Ideas? Plan your next stay

It's also a fantastic time to travel - particularly with the people you love the most. And if you want to organise a festive break this year, why not pick somewhere in Italy?

Gruppo UNA is hotel partner of the Italian Basketball team Virtus Bologna

Gruppo UNA renews the partnership with Virtus Pallacanestro Bologna for the fifth year in a row. The partnership with one of the most important basketball team in Italy continues.

New Year's Eve in Italy: suggestions and tips to spend your holiday at the best

An invitation to make a toast to New Year’s  Eve in Tuscan hills, at sea, or in town. To each is own New Year’s Eve in the exclusive hotels of UNA Esperienze.

Enzo Miccio chooses Gruppo UNA for his exclusive Academy dedicated to wedding planners

Enzo Miccio, a celebrated Italian wedding planner, chooses Gruppo UNA to host his exclusive Academy, dedicated to the training of marriage professionals.

Gruppo UNA supports the UNHCR and the charity event “Christmas Lights – Concert for Syria”

Gruppo UNA, as hospitality partner, supports the UNHCR and the concert and charity event “Christmas Lights – Concert for Syria”: an extraordinary music evening.

Black Friday Promo: Save up to 40% for stays through March 2019

It is the right moment to have a wonderful stay in all the hotels and resort of Gruppo UNA participating in the Black Friday Week: a week of discounts and sale up to 40%.

Recruiting Days Toscana

For those who want to start a career in the Hospitality industry or seek new opportunities for career growth, the dates to be marked on the agenda are December 5th and 6th, 2018.

UNAHOTELS Poggio dei Medici Toscana Golf Club awarded “Best italian golf course”

No matter if you are a first-time passionate or a professional: why give up the pleasure of playing golf on the best Italian golf course?

Weekend in the Italian cities: 8 destinations to visit

Summer doesn’t mean only sun, beaches and sea. Italy offers a vast artistic and cultural heritage unique in the world, especially in its big cities. For this reason, summer is the ideal season and a precious opportunity to admire the main places of interest of the major urban centers in the Peninsula, emptied of the crowding and traffic present during the rest of the year; a further advantage is the summer offers provided by the hotels for tourists who want to visit these cities.

A walk under San Luca’s arcade in Bologna, the longest in the world

From the historical center, along the arcade of the records, up to the hill of the Basilica of San Luca. Bologna is famous in the world for being the city of the arcades, all very old and with specific functions at the service of the Bolognese walks.

A brand new design close to Milan’s downtown

Essentiality is visible to the eye – The prestigious UNA Hotel Century of Milan, part of the new Gruppo UNA hotel chain, has recently undergone a restyling of its lobby and some common areas,

Kick off at Atahotel Naxos Beach: Inter Summer Village has arrived

Flip flops, yes, but also soccer shoes. The second edition of the Inter Summer Village will kick off in July and August at Atahotel Naxos Beach in Giardini Naxos, which offers its young guests the chance to live a unique experience

Wonderful Summer in Tuscany 2018, a holiday for all tastes

Not just sea and beautiful beaches. Today, 14th June 2018, Toscana Promozione Turistica presented to the Milan press a rich calendar of events on the Tuscan territory, from the coast to the countryside...

Cibo Nostrum in Taormina: between the celebration of Italian cuisine and solidarity

The great celebration of Italian cuisine, between tradition and innovation. The prestigious Cibo Nostrum event, now at its 7th edition, took place in Taormina and its surroundings...

The origins of “gianduiotto”, the chocolate of Turin

Crispy outside and creamy inside: we are not talking about a simple chocolate, but the very famous “gianduiotto“. The typical chocolate-flavored little sweet is originary from Turin and it’s consumed all over the world ...

Typical dishes of Messina, the most ancient ones of Sicilian cuisine

The cuisine of Messina, as well as the one of Sicily, is linked to the historical and cultural events that have influenced it over the centuries. In fact, its culinary culture shows traces of Greek, Arabic and Norman cuisine...

FICO Eataly World in Bologna, the largest agri-food park in the world

The genuineness of Made in Italy food. The Italian Farming Factory (FICO) contains all the Italian gastronomic heritage in one place, in the city of Bologna. Thanks to the marvel of Italian biodiversity,

The history and the places of Leonardo da Vinci in Milan

When you think about Leonardo da Vinci, the mind immediately runs to Florence, the cradle of the Renaissance where Leonardo has expressed his art and his genius to the maximum...

Milan Digital Week: on March, 4 days of events on digital

Milan challenges the future. From 15th to 18th, March, the city will host the Milan Digital Week and will be a pole of European innovation where the theme of “digital” will be dealt with...

Travel Notes

Florence is a city of laid-back beauty and elegance, where Renaissance was born.

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The day, dedicated to secretaries from all over Italy, will take place on June 24th in the setting of the UNAHOTELS Expo Fiera Milano.

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