Enjoy a superlative fall vacation in Florence

Get a memorable Autumn holiday.

7 Oct 2019

Gruppo UNA

Famous for its art, culture and Renaissance history, Florence is beautiful and romantic during the fall.

Arno River, Florence

Not only are flight packages very affordable at this time of year, the selection of accommodation, landmarks and top quality restaurants and bistros is also excellent. 

Florence is one of our favourite autumn break destinations in Italy, and not just for Michelangelo's awe-inspiring David statue. Autumn is wine season in Florence and the ideal time to enjoy the creations of local winemakers. It's also a great time to sample the local theatre scene and revel in the harvest of the olive groves.                                       

Michelangelo's David, in Florence

The Duomo Santa Maria del Fiore is Florence's most symbolic religious building,  constructed over six centuries. Superb food and wine can be sampled into the early hours. The Piazza della Signoria is less crowded in the autumn months, allowing views of the bronze statue of Cosimo I on his horse and the noteworthy statue of Perseus. The Bargello, a short walk away, holds Michelangelo's Drunken Bacchus and Brutus.

In autumn not only are the museum and restaurant queues shorter, but the weather is also cooler,  prices are cheaper and the vendors more amenable to haggling. But the best reason to visit Florence in autumn is the colour. If you are travelling to Florence in autumn, prepare yourself for a blaze of colour in the changing tree leaves in local parks and gardens and even the streets, reflected in hues in the Arno river. Perfect for photographers and artists!

How to dress for autumn in Florence?

Dress in layers, and bring a hat and mid-season trousers along. Thin sweaters with light jackets and scarves are essential items. An evening dress or suit may be needed or dress your casual look up with a leather jacket and boots. What to pack for spring in Florence? Similar items, with shorts, t-shirts and swimsuits/hats.

Places to celebrate autumn in Florence.

  1. Ponte Vecchio. Take a walk around the Ponte Vecchio and enjoy the cooler weather. The Summer months are generally too warm for comfortable walking, but Autumn temperatures are absolutely ideal.
  2. Theatres. If you're travelling Florence in Autumn, visit La Pergola, Teatro Puccini or Teatro Verdi. Here you may enjoy shows, music and thrilling operatic performances.
  3. If you need another reason to visit Florence in autumn look no further than the film festival held in autumn each year. The 50 Giorni di Cinema Internazionale takes place is dedicated to international movies from India, France, South America and the Balkan Peninsula.

The best thing to do in Florence in Fall.

Be sure to consult your Florence travel guide in fall, as there are so many attractions and Gruppo UNA hotels to enjoy, both on and off the beaten path. Along with the attractions and museums already mentioned here, (you simply must see the Uffizi, Accedemia and Duomo) you will want to see the Tuscan countryside in its stunning blaze of colours.

Fattoria Santo Stefano

Accommodation in Florence.

When it comes to finding a great hotel look no further than the UNAHOTELS Vittoria Firenze on Via Pisana - just 2km from the Uffizi Gallery and close to the Accademia museum, for a visit to  Michelangelo's David. The Vittoria offers guests free Wi-Fi, in modern rooms with flat-screen TVs. Room service is available and the hotel is pet-friendly. An airport shuttle ferries guests to and fro. 

If you are looking for sophistication and elegance, then Leone Blu Suites | UNA Esperienze welcomes you with an exclusive collection of nine unique suites, born from the harmonious mixture of antique elements, like the wooden decorated roofs and the furniture from Brolio Castle, and contemporary details.

Villa le Maschere | UNA Esperienze offers 5-star accommodation in Florence.  65 rooms and suites are set in surroundings of frescoes, sculptures and majolica, a legacy from its historic past. Small pets are allowed on request. A wellness spa and impeccable dining facilities make the stay comfortable and a complimentary buffet breakfast is provided. An excellent wedding venue, Il Piopponero Restaurant offers a seasonal menu featuring local yet modern cuisine and traditional Tuscan and Mugello dishes.

Villa le Maschere | UNA Esperienze

Fattoria Santo Stefano is a private villa set amongst the Tuscan Hills. This retreat-style venue is a charming, secluded getaway with private swimming pools and apartment accommodation.  Locate near the small town of Montaione it is a stone's throw from Florence. Personalised catering and special services (maid or childcare) complete the package.