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Florence, with his authentic nature, is evolving history, tradition that lives, craftsmanship that becomes art: Leone Blu Suites | UNA Esperienze welcomes you with an exclusive collection of nine unique suites, born from the harmonious mixture of antique elements, like the wooden decorated roofs and the furniture from Brolio Castle, and contemporary details.

Sophistication and elegance are the key elements of the Ricasoli Palace, an historic house of the 15th century, a timeless place where Italian art merges with the finest works of the greatest craftsmen from Florence: blacksmiths, stonemasons and bronze artisans.

The palace incomparable brightness, pretty rare to find within the historic center, is given by its peculiar location between the Arno and some of the few squares in Florence facing the river. The light from the palace windows enriches the spacious halls and the precious suites.

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"Eleganza e storia d'Italia"

Palazzo Ricasoli spreads elegance, magnificence and history. Since the Middle Ages the members of the Ricasoli family have been standing close to the most influential Italian personalities, building the Italian legacy along with the De’ Medici Family, Galileo Galilei and Camillo Cavour.

Guests are sincerely invited to discover all the members of the Ricasoli family and their role through the elegant suites and halls of the palace to whom they are named after.  The household, Florence and Italian tradition are thus unquestionably tied, as the blue lion of the name is the symbol of Ricasoli coat of arms. 

"Servizio personalizzato"

UNA Espereinze Assistant will be pleased to satisfy your needs: they can easily have the suite prepared as you wish, get you a personal trainer for your morning run or a personal chef for the entire lenght of your stay, or arrange a tour of the city by bike, or wherever you require, or even, thanks to our exclusive Wine Concierge service, organize a private wine tasting in the rooms of the Palazzo.

UNA Espereinze Assistant can book you a visit to a museum, a private tour guide, a car with a private driver, train or air tickets, and exclusive visits to lesser-known places of great charm and places that are usually closed to the great public.

Rooms & Suites

Suite Rinieri

From 232,00 € per night

Power. The height, the breadth, the light, the view: everything in this suite conveys an idea of greatness and power, the same greatness and power that guided the fortunes and vicissitudes of Rinieri Ricasoli, the founder of this Palazzo back in 1474. Category: Deluxe Suite River View.

  • 135 sqm
  • Up to 4 people
  • Privileged view

Suite Bindaccio

From 234,90 € per night

History and Humour. This is the suite where conventions have been challenged, reinterpreting the tradition of the coffered ceiling via the conceptual art of Sol Lewitt and proposing a large open “conversational” bathroom. Category: Superior Suite.

  • 96 sqm
  • Up to 3 people
  • Privileged view

Suite Gisla

From 234,90 € per night

Art and Music. The heart of this suite lies in the craftsmanship of the features in pietra serena, in the prints of ancient authors and the references to the art of Music in the stuccoed ceiling. Category: Superior Suite.

  • 86 sqm
  • Up to 3 people
  • Elegant living room

Suite Ugo

Arno River and Gold. In this bedroom, it’s wonderful to fall asleep looking at the unusual details of this wooden ceiling, an austere construction softened by an unexpected floral decoration with charming gilded highlights making it unique. Category: Suite View.

  • 80 sqm
  • Up to 3 people
  • Privileged view

Suite Geremia

Coup de Théâtre. The red curtains and the gilded antique pelmets transform the large windows into theatre wings which reveal, as in a coup de théâtre, the delightful view over the river Arno. Category: Suite Superior River View.

  • 80 sqm
  • Up to 2 people
  • Privileged view

Suite Giovan Battista

The Secret Room. What is fascinating about this room is the reserve it expresses: a secluded intimate suite, despite its size. And the particularly charming glimpse of the river gives it an even greater feeling of secrecy. Category: Suite View.

  • Privileged view
  • Up to 3 people
  • 75 sqm

Suite Giuliana

Strength and Equilibrium. Illuminated by the light of the Arno, the resolute benevolent gaze of Giuliana Ricasoli dominates and illuminates the room. The same harmony is reflected in the furnishings, a deliberate juxtaposition of ancient and modern studied elegance. Category: Suite Superior River View.

  • Privileged view
  • Up to 2 people
  • 66 sqm

Suite Pandolfo

From 216,80 € per night

The Warrior’s Rest. In his impressive armour, the image of Pandolfo Ricasoli looks down from the walls of this suite, in which we have created a surprising bold marble-decorated trompe l’oeil to separate the sitting room from the bedroom. Category: Suite.

  • 65 sqm
  • Up to 2 people
  • Comfortable bathrobe

Suite Orazio

From 216,80 € per night

Educated and Elegant. In this suite the antique bookcase, a reminder of the literary genius of Orazio Ricasoli, whom it is named after. Tradition is gently opposed the bold contemporary atmosphere of the daring design of the walk-in wardrobe and the bright cheerful bathroom. Category: Suite.

  • Minibar
  • Up to 2 people
  • 55 sqm

The suite we stayed in was incredibly spacious - a huge separate sitting room with desk, couch, coffee table and a side windowsill that gave us room to make coffee (nespresso type machine) and tea.



The ceilings were from the 1500’s and the room was huge. The bed and the linens were very comfortable
There was a nice assortment at breakfast with made to order eggs. Delicious!
The location of the hotel was perfect! In a few minutes walk you were enjoying everything Firenze has to offer.
I can’t wait to return !


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