With the three Bolognese restaurants, the number of ‘UNA cucina’ restaurants rises to 26

4 Jun 2022

The world of catering is always evolving and requires adaptability and vision, because offering quality services while maintaining a personal touch is the key to success in winning over customers at the table. This challenge has been taken up by Gruppo UNA, which with its ‘UNA cucina’ collection of bars and restaurants, proposes a gastronomic concept designed with the idea of surprising you and allowing you to experience the most typical flavours and colours of the food world.

And it is with this spirit that ‘UNA cucina’ continues to grow with new restaurants under direct management in Milan and Bologna, to give you further opportunities to explore the flavours and colours of made-in-Italy cuisine in locations throughout Italy.


chef dish preparation


‘UNA cucina’ restaurants


Since 1 May the ‘UNA cucina’ concept has been enriched with three new locations Bologna, a city which has always been known as the centre of the gastronomic tradition of a multi-faceted reality such as Emilia Romagna, has been chosen as the new home for Il Portico Bar & Restaurant by ‘UNA cucina’ inside the UNAHOTELS Bologna Centro, Il Bolognese Bar & Restaurant by ‘UNA cucina’ in the UNAHOTELS Bologna Fiera and finally Fuori Porta Bar & Restaurant by ‘UNA cucina’ in the UNAHOTELS San Vitale Bologna. These realities are in addition to the recent openings in Milan, which has been given the task of hosting La Corte Bistrot Bar & Restaurant by ‘UNA cucina’ and The Hall Bar & Restaurant by ‘UNA cucina’ respectively inside UNAHOTELS The One Milano and UNAHOTELS Century Milano, leading realities in the Milanese metropolis.


dinner at the restaurant


Where to find ‘UNA cucina’ restaurants


With these new openings, the number of Gruppo UNA’s directly managed restaurants rises to a total of 26, bringing it closer to its clientele. But you needn’t worry if you are not guests of the hotels, as 18 of them are already open to the public and will allow you to freely enjoy all the specialities on the menu. For example, you can't miss chef Michele Griglio's delicacies at Casa Savoia restaurant by ‘UNA cucina’ in Turin; the breathtaking view of the Tuscan coast from Versilia Roof Bar & Restaurant by “UNA cucina in Lido di Camaiore or the deco atmosphere of The Grande Gatsby Bar & Restaurant by ‘UNA cucina’ in Rome.


H2 - ‘UNA cucina’ catering concept


One of the characteristics you will notice when you experience the ‘UNA cucina’ restaurant is that although the venues enjoy autonomy and proximity to the area, they are above all linked by a common vision and the desire to make you feel at home, wherever you are. The primary objective promoted through ‘UNA cucina’ is to provide an entirely new experience by opening a door to the surprising world of local gastronomy together, starting with a careful selection of raw materials and arriving at dishes that combine cultural tradition and a glimpse of the future. The places to let you experience the dream dishes of the à la carte menu are their own restaurants in enchanting locations where you will find unusual colours and fragrances and at the same time familiarity in the places you prefer: the presence in the territory is another of the distinctive traits of a group that is always attentive to experiencing food and wine by your side also from a physical point of view, thanks to its presence in all the main Italian cities.


cuisine made in Italy


But there’s more: in the ‘UNA cucina’ restaurants, in addition to tasting the iconic local specialities, you can experience flavours at 360° thanks to a full calendar of initiatives prepared to involve the public in what is a real journey through the five senses. Now that you are fully acquainted with the ideas behind ‘UNA cucina’ gastronomy, you just have to experience them for yourself.