What to wear in Italy for a Spring getaway

The perfect suitcase for Spring.

23 Mar 2019

Gruppo UNA

Truth be told, there's no one perfect suitcase for a Spring vacation in Italy. It depends in part upon where you're going and what you'll be doing. Then there's the weather, which can be changeable from day to day and region to region. In other words, your packing choices need to be adaptable and versatile. And as the Italians take their fashion very seriously, this is a good opportunity to break out any designer labels in your wardrobe.

What to wear in Italy in March.

By March, most Italians will have put away their winter outerwear in favour of lightweight separates which can be layered or stripped off depending on the daily forecast. If you're keen to blend in and not look too touristy, it's wise to do the same.

Thus no Spring Italy packing list is complete without a range of tops and bottoms which can be mixed and matched in all manner of ways. The overall theme is smart casual, so leave your hoodies and joggers at home.

Women's choices.

Early Spring can be a wet time of year (as well as sunny -- don't panic!), so it's a good idea to pack a cropped trench coat, light jacket or waterproofs. For the same reason, it's best to keep to closed toe shoes. We recommend comfortable flats, but if you must wear heels, make sure they're chunky enough to manage cobblestoned alleyways. Italians have a fondness for bold trousers, so here's your chance to break out your pastel Capri pants.

Church clothes.

Many of Italy's most exalted art and architecture is located inside various chapels and basilica, and there are rules about what women can wear if they want to go inside. For a suitably modest look, remember to pack a below the knee skirt and team it with a scarf which you can drape around your neck and shoulders.

Men's packing list.

Italian men pride themselves on being well groomed. If you too want to look the part, then make sure your spring holiday ensemble includes a few preppy items such as a polo shirt, button-down Oxfords or chinos. To complete your smartly tailored ensemble, round it out with loafers, deck shoes or designer sneakers ideal for long walks around museums and art galleries.

What's your bag?

The right outfit can be ruined by the wrong accessory. So it's worth making space in your suitcase for an elegant shoulder or cross body bag (or "man purse" in the case of male tourists). 

What to wear in Italy in May.

By May, it should be dry enough underfoot to pack a pair of comfortable sandals. Shorts are an option too but bear in mind that they're not as popular in Italy as they are in many other countries. For the full Audrey Hepburn Roman Holiday look, female visitors might opt for a printed frock with a cardigan over the top, plus leggings if it gets cold.

What to wear in Italy at night.

If you've booked a table at a chic restaurant, you'll need to meet the dress code -- leather footwear, a blazer for him, tailored blouse and dress pants for her. Women can make a day look evening-ready by throwing on a chunky bracelet or bib necklace. And you can always add a scarf to keep you warm during the passeggiata: the early evening stroll that usually precedes dinner.

What to wear backpacking in Italy.

The more rough and ready your travel plans, the more important is it to make practical wardrobe choices. Go for easy-wash clothes in materials that don't easily wrinkle. Avoid bright whites in favour of dark tones that don't show every smudge. Pack a long sleeved shirt and trousers for hitting all those historic churches, and select a pair of hiking boots that are sturdy and water resistant but still breathable on hot days. 

Picking clothes for different types of Gruppo UNA accommodation.

Of course, you'll also want to adjust your suitcase to your destination. Let's say you're heading to an upscale hotel like the Villa le Maschere | UNA Esperienze in Tuscany. Here, the emphasis is on pampering, haute cuisine and fine wine, so leave space in your luggage for evening dress and loose, relaxed resort wear for the day-time.

Villa le Maschere | UNA Esperienze

Or, perhaps you're booked into a city hotel such as the UNAHOTELS Cusani Milano near La Scala. You'll probably want to take advantage of the city-centre location by doing lots of sight-seeing and shopping, so remember to pack sensible walking shoes and a light waterproof jacket. Browsing the Gruppo UNA site is a good way of stimulating more wardrobe ideas.