Gardens in Florence to see

Guide to the most beautiful gardens in Florence

Lush green oases for a stroll in the city 

16 May 2024

When organising a trip to Florence, we often focus on its great architectural beauties: the Cathedral of Santa Maria del FiorePonte Vecchio, the Uffizi GalleryPalazzo VecchioPiazza della Signoria and much more. But we must not forget that in the Tuscan capital there are also some beautiful gardens.

In Florence, you can stroll among wisteria pergolas, charming rose gardens and lots of greenery: many of these spaces also offer a unique view of the city. Here are some of the most beautiful Florentine gardens you can explore.  


Florence gardens

The Boboli Garden (Giardino di Boboli)

The Boboli Garden is one of the most famous parks in Italy and a must-see when visiting Florence. Situated between the Pitti Palace and Forte Belvedere, it was landscaped in the 16th century at the request of the noble Medici family and expanded in subsequent centuries, first by the Hapsburg-Lorraine and then by the Savoys. 

It is considered to be one of the most important examples of Italian gardens, with ancient statues, fountains, rows of cypresses and even an amphitheatre with an Egyptian obelisk. But the truly breathtaking feature is the Grotta Grande, also known as Grotta del Buontalenti, which is decorated with statues, quartz, stalactites and fresco paintings.


The Bardini Garden (Giardino Bardini)

The Bardini Garden extends over four hectares between the hill of Montecuccoli, the left bank of the Arno and the medieval walls. 

It is a park with a very large surface area that integrates three different gardens characterised by as many styles: the Italian garden, known for its charming Baroque staircase, the English forest with its many exotic elements and the agricultural park.


Florence Bardini gardens


The latter is probably the best known, because right here, between April and May, you can admire the famous and scenic flowering of the wisteria with an unparalleled view of Florence. 

The Iris Garden (Giardino dell’Iris)


This garden, as indicated by its name, is dedicated to the iris, one of the symbols of the city. It was created in 1954 with the idea of hosting a competition on the best varieties of this flower; over the years it has become an unmissable attraction for anyone wishing to visit Florence's most beautiful gardens.

Exploring the two hectares of greenery on the Piazzale Michelangelo hill, you will encounter many species of plants and flowers, some of which are very rare and difficult to find elsewhere.  Admission is free: be careful, however, because this garden is only open during the flowering period, from April to May.  


The Rose Garden (Giardino delle Rose)


The Rose Garden owes its name to the many varieties of roses that grow there, more than 350, in fact! But that's not all: inside this area you'll find a Japanese garden and sculptures by Belgian artist Jean-Michel Folon.


Florence Garden of Roses


This garden is a perfect choice if you want to immerse yourself in a romantic, dreamy atmosphere, especially during the months of May and June: it is open daily from 9 a.m. until sunset. Admission is free.


Stibbert Museum Park (Parco del Museo Stibbert)

Stibbert Museum Park is perhaps not so well known as the larger gardens that we have mentioned so far, but it is definitely worth a bit of your time: hidden on the Colle di Montughi, it is an English-style park with caves, small temples, water features, pines, century-old cypresses and many varieties of trees.

Designed by architect Giuseppe Poggi, it is named after the owner of the villa it houses, Frederick Stibbert, the English collector who was born in Florence. It can be visited free of charge.


Torrigiani Garden (Giardino Torrigiani)


Let's move on to the end of Via de’ Serragli, where we find the largest private garden within the walls of Florence: Torrigiani Garden, owned by the family of the same name for about five centuries. 

Above all, it owes its fame to the complex design of the symbols and references to the world of Freemasonry within its walls: a famous example is the neo-Gothic tower, whose spiral ascent alludes to the passage from the world of the layperson to that of the initiated.  

Even today, the garden and its many floral varieties are preserved with great care, and can only be accessed through guided tours organised by the owners themselves


Garden of the Simple (Giardino dei Semplici)


The third oldest botanical garden in Italy, the Garden of the Simple was founded in 1545 by Cosimo I De Medici: it is located in the centre of the city, close to the Accademia, and features trees that are over one hundred years old, nineteenth-century greenhouses, and many varieties of roses and carnivorous plants.

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Marvel at the breathtaking gardens of Florence. Treat yourself to a stroll among flourishing vegetation and floral varieties, surrounded by the eternal charm of the Florentine capital.