Your wedding in Italy? All the tips and the advice you need to know

Are you looking for wedding destinations in Italy?

9 May 2019

Traditional Italian ceremonies can be romantic as well as being fun and colourful, so we've put together a few tips on how to organise a wedding in Italy.

While a certain amount of advance planning and paperwork is required, marrying in Italy is fairly straightforward. Allow yourself at least six months to prepare, and if you can, have a wedding planner in Italy to help deal with the formalities. 

Can we have a wedding in Italian hotels?

Civil ceremonies and civil unions can be held in any location that has been licenced by the Italian authorities, while a wedding blessing can be held at any venue of your choice. Many villas, castles, town halls and, of course, hotels have been licenced for marriage ceremonies.

If neither partner is a member of the Roman Catholic Church, a civil ceremony is legally required before a marriage can be recognised. For British couples, this normally happens in the UK before their wedding, in villas or hotels in Italy. A translator must be present throughout the ceremony, and same-sex marriages are not yet legally recognised in Italy.

At Gruppo UNA, we're on hand to help you have the wedding day of your dreams at hotels such as the Fattoria Santo Stefano, the Palace Catania | UNA Esperienze, Villa le Maschere | UNA Esperienze. You're guaranteed delightful surroundings and a warm welcome for you and your wedding party.

How to book a wedding in Italy: the legal requirements.

There are no residency requirements when marrying in Italy, but whether you're having a civil, religious or purely symbolic wedding, certain paperwork is required. European citizens do not require a visa, but couples must be over 18. They can be under 18 if they have written and certified parental permission. 

The paperwork needed to hold a wedding in Italian hotels.

  • Valid passports or national ID cards.
  • Divorce papers or a death certificates of previous spouses for those previously divorced or widowed.
  • An affidavit (Nulla Osta or Dichiarazione Giurate) sworn before a consular officer certifying that there's no legal impediment to your marriage.
  • An Atto Notorio signed by two witnesses as further proof of freedom to marry.
  • A declaration of intent to marry for the civil registrar -- the time required between this and the actual ceremony varies in different regions of Italy.

If either partner is Catholic, further documentation may be required. This could include:

  • Baptism and confirmation certificates.
  • A letter of no impediment to marry.
  • Proof of attendance at a pre-marital course.
  • Your local bishop's permission to marry abroad.

Once you have an Atto Notorio, you can submit your intent to marry declaration in the town hall nearest to your wedding venue. You need to attend in person for this, and a translator must be present if you do not speak Italian. You are then free to set your wedding date in liaison with your chosen Gruppo UNA venue.

During the ceremony, you will sign a legal marriage licence and receive an official marriage certificate signed by the local mayor. Then, you must visit the town hall again to present the certificate which will be given an Apostille stamp to verify it. You will also be given a legal copy translated into English.

How much does a wedding in Italy cost?

It's hard to give an exact answer when couples ask, 'How much does a destination wedding in Italy cost?'. The total depends on the venue chosen, the type of ceremony and the catering arrangements etc. There are, however, certain set costs that have to be met including:

The cost of the Dichiarazione Giurata or Nulla Osta 

Applying for the Atto Notorio 

A rush fee for the Atto Notorio if a short declaration period is required

Any fees specific to the local authority in which the wedding is held

Gruppo UNA hotels for a wedding in Italy.

Fattoria Santo Stefano is set among the Tuscan hills near Florence and Pisa. It's a charming Italian retreat composed of rustic villas and luxurious apartments typical of the region. These private apartments and villas are ideal for housing your wedding guests in comfortable style, while the estate itself is the perfect venue for an intimate wedding.

Celebrate in luxurious style at the Palace Catania | UNA Esperienze in Sicily. Its elegant reception space can host up to 120 guests who will enjoy dining on the finest Sicilian cuisine. They can then enjoy a stay in the hotel, where bedrooms comfortably combine the historic with the contemporary. This is the perfect location for an authentic Italian wedding.

Get married with the beach as a backdrop at the UNAHOTELS Naxos Beach Sicilia. As well as celebrating your special day with you, your guests have access to a private beach and lemon grove as well as four swimming pools and a choice of sports facilities.

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