The Islands of Naples Bay: Procida, Capri and Ischia

Explore the breathtaking islands of Naples Bay.

12 Jul 2019

Gruppo UNA

Rocky outcrops formed by volcanic activity are softened by colourful buildings and stylish gardens. Each island offers displays of its past with, ancient ruins, picturesque villas and rustic cobbled streets. The islands offer contrasts in every way.

Travelling around the Gulf of Naples and its islands is very straight forward. Ferries and hydrofoils regularly travel between the mainland and the various islands. Transporting both commuters and tourists, the travel options by sea are reliable and frequent. The journey by sea to the islands varies, usually taking between thirty and sixty minutes. There are also ferry links between the islands, allowing visitors to create their own itinerary for travelling around the gulf.  

Guide to the islands of Naples Bay.

Due to the mild Mediterranean climate, the islands are a wonderful destination to visit at any time of the year. Island weather is hot and sunny in the summer and pleasantly warm through the other seasons. Visitors will see some of the top sights on the Gulf of Naples Islands, with their breathtaking landscapes, ancient Roman ruins, and beautifully preserved towns and villages.

The islands offer a relaxing break from the busier mainland. With rugged nature, rocky beaches and soaring cliffs, the islands are visually stunning. Roman and Greek castles and palaces are a reminder of the long history of the islands. The importance of the sea can be seen everywhere with fishing villages, marinas, and in museums. 

A 7 day trip to islands of Naples Bay

In order to fully appreciate the outstanding beauty of the Bay and its islands, a week-long tour is recommended as the ideal amount of time to explore at your own pace. Staying in a hotel in Naples allows you to arrange trips to each of the islands. For the smaller islands, a day trip can give you sufficient time to see the sights and soak in the atmosphere of island life. 

Take a tour of Ischia.

The island of Ischia is a fascinating example of volcanic activity combined with a long history of settlers. As the largest of the islands in the Gulf of Naples, Ischia is where you will find the highest level of development. The island is a popular holiday destination and a centre of history and culture.

Aragonese Castle perched high on the cliff-top is an impressive sight. Dating back to 474 BCE, the castle is remarkably well preserved. The island has several beautiful beaches and quaint villages with colourful buildings. Thanks to the volcanic history of Ischia, there are lots of natural springs, thermal baths and spas. Enjoy a relaxing dip in the naturally warm waters while taking in a panoramic view over the island and sea beyond.

A scenic tour of Capri.

Capri is perhaps a more familiar name when it comes to Italian islands. Known for its lively community and wonderful outdoor dining, it is a joy to sit and watch the world go by here. Gorgeous villas and gardens scatter the island, inviting you to stroll around your beautiful surroundings.

Villa Jovis is a Roman palace that was built by Emperor Tiberius in 27 AD. It's a cliff-top, multi-level building expertly designed to fit into the landscape and offer security. The Blue Grotto is an unmissable sight on Capri. Its name is derived from the stunning azure shade of water inside the cave, which is due to the way the sunlight shines in through an underwater opening.

An unforgettable tour of Procida.

Procida is the smallest island in the Campanian Archipelago, offering a more sedate pace of life and authentic Mediterranean atmosphere. Equally as beautiful as its larger neighbours, Procida has more of a sleepy, fishing village vibe. 

In Terra Murata stands the Abbey of San Michele Arcangelo and the Palazzo d'Avalos: two displays of incredible architecture that tell of the history of the island. Visitors who obtain a permit can cross the long, narrow bridge to the island of Vivara. Protected by the WWF, the island is a nature reserve with local wildlife and scenic views.

Discover the islands of the Gulf of Naples.

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