The best beaches in Sicily, from the East to the West

Take a look at the Sicilian coastal scenery.

2 Jun 2019

The coastal scenery in this region is among Europe’s most dramatic landscapes, with deep-blue, emerald green and turquoise waters orchestrated by rugged rocky outcrops.

The waters in Sicily remain clean and warm through summer and autumn months while swimming conditions get the best beginning June to early October. The beaches range from busy bathing lidos where families can rent umbrellas and sun loungers to stretches of the nearly deserted seashore.

Isola Bella: best for snorkelling.

This place is based in a prime location, which is 10 minutes by cable transportation from the elegant hilltop resort of Taormina. This place is named after the neighbouring island nature reserve and is popular with Italians. The semi-circular beach in this place is rocky though the water is thrillingly translucent and there is incredible snorkelling offshore.

Others great beaches all over Sicily.

Torre Salsa: best for privacy.

Torre Salsa is one of Sicily’s most glamorous beaches but remains remarkably secluded. You don't have to traverse rough unpaved roads to get to this long stretch of golden sand, which is backed by white cliffs. Once you arrive, it will be easy to find a tranquil place to relax. The surrounding nature reserve offers some adorable trails with breathtaking panoramic views of the nearby mountains and coast.

Spiaggia Valle Muria: for boat touring.

Surrounded entirely by cliffs, this dark beach on Lipari's southwestern shore is among Aeolian Islands’ most strikingly beautiful sunbathing and swimming spots. Buses from Lipari Town can drop tourists at the Quattrocchi viewpoint just above the beach, from where one can backtrack 300 m to a turn-off and walk 25 minutes downhill.

What makes Spiaggia Valle Muria unique, however, is the hospitable local residents known as Barni. Barni sells snacks and drinks from beach bars and offers scenic boat travels back to the Lipari Marina Corta dock at the end of the day. Navigation across the steep sea stacks off the western shore of Lipari at sunset and watching the volcano’s active crater smoke on the horizon is a memorable experience – and the best way to end a long day.

Spiaggia dei Conigli, Lampedusa: great for white sands.

Lapped by shinning turquoise seas, this sandy attraction in the Pelagic Islands wins awards regularly for being one of the earth's most beautiful beaches. However, Lampedusa is closer to Africa compared to the Sicilian ‘mainland’. This means that you will need a four-hour hydrofoil trip or a flight to get here. A journey to Spiaggia dei Conigli will reward you with a remarkable arc of white sand along the beach, with clear, shallow waters for splashing and lolling about. The whole cove is protected in a 12-hectare nature reserve, meaning no boats can enter. This makes it one of Italy's most fresh beaches.

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