Il miglior street food a Roma: i locali dove andare assolutamente.
Roman Street Food: Where to Go

Roman Street Food: Where to Go

Porchetta, Roman panzanella, stringy supplì and crunchy cod fillets: enjoy all these tasty delicacies while walking through the wonders of Rome

7 Aug 2020

Gruppo UNA

In recent years, the pleasures of Roman cuisine have flowed out from the canonical boundaries of its restaurants. c, the modern evolution of local tastes. Many traditional dishes, from porchetta to supplì and panzanella romana, can be picked up in take-away form around town.


Let’s start with a typical dish indelibly associated with Rome, the region and its most beloved places. We’re talking about exquisite porchetta, suckling pig to which Roman poet Romeo Collalti even dedicated a poem: “Pija un porchetto da poco smammato, tenero e poco grasso, un po’ de vino, lardo, ajo schiacciato, rosmarino, poi sale e pepe appena macinato. Cotto, sia callo o freddo, è appetitoso che te lo magneressi, ce scommetto, puro su la capoccia d’un tignoso!”. Tradition has it that the succulent pork should be eaten hot in a sandwich, but even cold (as Collalti suggests) its taste remains sublime! One place in Rome for an excellent porchetta sandwich is Er Buchetto, a typical Roman tavern with just a few tables, where you can either eat your succulent meal sitting down or take it away, perhaps with a healthy glass of red wine which, as they say in Rome, “è la morte sua”!

Er Buchetto – Via del Viminale, 2f 




A staple for people who want a quick and tasty meal on the go, “I Supplì” also happens to be the name of a small diner in the center of Trastevere where the real stars are Supplì: local traditional crispy oval rice balls that hide a heart of stringy mozzarella cheese, capable of creating a “telephone” effect tourists and locals alike adore. No one can resist the tastiness of a Roman supplì! Another place for excellent supplì is Trapizzino, one of Rome’s most famous street food venues, which these days also has branches in New York, Turin and Milan. In addition to its trademark triangle of soft white pizza bread stuffed with classic Roman and Italian sauces (chicken cacciatora, coda alla vaccinara, picchiapò, eggplant parmigiana, octopus in tomato sauce, etc.), Trapizzino offers tasty supplì with an ever-changing roster of fillings. Four Roman locations to choose from: Ponte Milvio, Trastevere, Testaccio and Mercato Centrale.

I Supplì – Via di San Francesco a Ripa, 137
Trapizzino – P.le di Ponte Milvio, 13



Roman panzanella.

Tomatoes, basil, red onion, cucumber, stale bread, olive oil, vinegar, salt and pepper: these are the simple ingredients for making one of Rome’s tastiest and most traditional dishes, the panzanella, to which Aldo Fabrizi dedicated several of his poems and musings. This is yet another snack that lifts people’s mood just with its magnificent colours. One place in Rome to enjoy the taste and scents of Roman Panzanella is Aromaticus, on the beautiful Via Urbana, a small and fragrant home to delicacies such as fresh, delicious Panzanella and a glass of wine, all made from local produce. And if you like that, make sure you don’t miss the Panzanella Festival in Monterotondo, Rome, during the summer.

Roman panzanella


Cod fillets.

At the foot of the Church of Santa Barbara, inside a pretty little square a stone’s throw from Campo de’ Fiori, is Rome’s landmark restaurant Dar Filettaro, a veritable institution in the Italian capital. Dar Filettaro’s fried cod fillets are famous citywide, and still retain the ancient flavors of tradition. The venue also sells fried cod fillets to take away. What could be better than strolling through the warm city lights past Rome’s old-fashioned drinking-water fountains, known locally as “big noses”, holding a warm bag of fried cod!

Dar Filettaro - Largo dei Librari, 88 

Cod fillets


Staying in Rome.

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