Mixology Masterclass, a new experience among the excellence of spirits


Gruppo UNA proposals to toast to 2020.

13 Jan 2020

Gruppo UNA

Did you know that behind a fresh poolside gin tonic there is a world of flavors, history and techniques to be discovered? What are the best (and most unexpected) combinations to enjoy a whiskey? And what are the Italian cocktails that have conquered parties and parties all over the world?

The answers to all this questions and much more are to be discovered among the experiences of the new Mixology Masterclass by Gruppo UNA. The authentic Italian hospitality in 2020 is enriched with new proposals with which the deep bond with the territory and its unique traditions is strengthened. The new year opens with special lessons in which guests have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the art of mixology, rediscovering the noble origins of the most famous liqueurs and spirits, from gin to whiskey.

The Versilia Lido hotel is the leader of this journey through the ingredients and aromas of the area, an elegant jewel of the UNA Esperienze collection overlooking one of the most exclusive coasts in Italy.

Mixology Masterclass: discovering spirits in hotel.

Each Mixology Masterclass, lasting about two hours, is held by professionals but is aimed at amateurs and groups of friends who want to enrich their stay with a practical and authentic experience of local products, in which to deepen how the Italian tradition of knowing drinking has influenced bars, bartenders and cocktails all over the world.

Exceptional guest is Zàgaro, Gruppo UNA house cocktail; the first signature drink signed by the brand represents an exaltation of the ingredients of the Bel Paese, combined with the most exquisite Italian hospitality.

Following, the guests are accompanied on a journey through the evolution of international and Italian mixology, from the dawn to the present day, and then go into a review of tools and techniques that culminates in the practical workshop. At this stage, the participants have the opportunity to try their hand at preparing three cocktails, chosen from among the internationally renowned Italian proposals, international drinks with a strong influence of Italian spirits and cocktails that have become popular all over the world, revisited in an Italian key.

The three different versions of the Mixology Masterclass are already available to all guests of the hotel in Camaiore, Versilia Lido | UNA Esperienze.

Gin Experience Masterclass.

Description: a journey to discover the noble origins of gin and its transformation into the most popular drinks, through spices from the most remote corners of the world.

The journey: from Holland to central London, to get to the best Italian distilleries, especially from Tuscany.

Local experience: "Truffle Gin tonic experience".
Tasting of the Gin Gin of the Savini distillery finely infused in the Tuscan black truffle. A gin and tonic that enhances the taste of the distillate, recalling botanicals with a matched "garnish" and a series of truffle-based snacks.

Whiskey and Cheese Masterclass.

Description: path to deepen the origins of whiskey and its evolution, through the exploration of a new frontier of taste combined with a selection of high quality Tuscan cheeses.

The journey: from the Highlands of Scotland to Ireland, passing through America, to the Sienese hills.

Local experience: 4 Scottish whiskeys and 4 Tuscan cheeses.
Discovering new frontiers of taste with tasting of smooth distillate, on the rocks or with the addition of water, paired with excellent Tuscan cheeses of different animal origins able to enhance the flavor contrasts.

Cocktails Masterclass.

Description: to discover the noble origins of liqueurs and spirits that have influenced the course of international mixology.

The journey: history and evolution of international and Italian mixology, from the beginning, passing to the prohibition period, up to the present day, with a quick review of the main tools and techniques.

Local experience: the Cocktail workshop will involve guests in the preparation of three cocktails, starting from the internationally renowned Italian classics. You can also test yourself with international cocktails with a strong influence of Italian spirits and with the most popular cocktails, revisited in an Italian key, using the best national amari.