Things to do in Turin

10 experiences to discover the wonders of Turin and Piedmont

Unique tours and activities to explore local excellence 

10 Jun 2024

Turin is an elegant and lively city, offering a multitude of fascinating attractions. Just like the region that hosts it, the capital of Piedmont shines with its historical, cultural and culinary heritage

The prestigious five-star hotel, Principe di Piemonte | UNA Esperienze, located in the heart of the city, embodies this spirit. On request, the hotel offers personalised tours and activities that showcase the historical, gastronomic and cultural legacy of the entire region. This exclusive opportunity allows you to enrich your stay in Turin with unique and custom-tailored experiences. 

Discover the wonders of Piedmont and its capital, choosing from a wide selection of surprising experiences.


City tour and visit to the Egyptian Museum

Turin is the Baroque capital of Italy, transformed into an urban gem by the House of Savoy in the 17th and 18th centuries. This walking tour designed to uncover the city’s hidden gems includes sights like the Church of San Lorenzo, known for its marble interiors and enigmatic architecture. 


Church of San Lorenzo Turin


A guide will accompany you throughout the tour, revealing the curiosities and highlights of Turin’s must-see attractions, historic cafés and iconic buildings. This is followed by a guided visit to the Egyptian Museum of Turin, one of Italy’s most visited attractions, where you will explore the mysteries and traditions of ancient Egyptian civilization. 


Walking tour of Turin: visit to the Royal Palace


If ancient Egypt doesn’t pique your interest, another city tour option includes the same walk through Turin’s charming streets, combined with a guided visit to the Royal Palace


Royal Palace Turin


Home to the House of Savoy from the 17th century until 1865, the palace is a testament to the dynasty’s opulence, with its Baroque and Neoclassical elements. Also included in the visit are two unmissable "gems": a visit to the Royal Armory, one of the richest collections of ancient weapons and armour, and the Chapel of the Holy Shroud


Historic cafés walking tour 

Turin is famous for its historic cafés, which exude an elegant and solemn atmosphere. Some of these date back to the 18th century and have hosted notable Italian figures such as Cavour. 

In about two hours, you can explore some of the city’s most renowned historic cafés, enjoy their unique welcome, and learn some interesting facts about them. You will also taste some of the delights that have made them famous, like the iconic Bicerin.

Porta Palazzo market and cooking class

Did you know that Porta Palazzo Market is the largest open-air market in Europe, with origins dating back to the medieval era? Over the centuries, it has mirrored Turin’s urban and social transformations, becoming the city’s commercial hub during the industrial revolution. 


Turin cooking-class


Through activities organised by Principi di Piemonte | UNA Esperienze, you can embark on a journey from Porta Palazzo market straight to the dining table! Alongside Chef Luca, you’ll select the finest ingredients based on seasonality and enjoy a fun cooking class.

Vermouth: history and tastings

Turin’s Vermouth has a rich history dating back to the 18th century and the House of Savoy, where it was a staple at social gatherings. You will have to chance to explore all its nuances in a special experience designed specifically for you.

This experience allows you to taste three different brands and five types of Vermouth, paired with regional delicacies and intriguing anecdotes. 

Tasting and visit to the Guido Gobino chocolate shop

Turin boasts a long and glorious chocolate tradition. Among the city’s numerous chocolate establishments, Guido Gobino is one of the most famous, and stands out as a brand that is synonymous with luxury chocolate. 

Discover the brand’s history by visiting its laboratories, where you can observe the chocolate-making process up close and taste some of its most iconic products, of course! Get ready for a delicious artisanal chocolate tasting. 

Canoeing along the Po

The Po is the longest river in Italy, measuring over 652km: for Turin and for the entire territory of Piedmont it has always played a fundamental role for agriculture, transport and local trade, while promoting the development and prosperity of the area.  

To discover the secrets and peculiarities of the longest river in Italy, nothing better than a three-hour canoe ride with one of the oldest rowing clubs in our country. The activity concludes with a typical "Merenda Sinöira" with bread, and typical Piedmontese cured meats and cheeses. 

Wine Experience: Discovering the Langhe

The Langhe is a geographical area of Piedmont known above all for the beauty of its vineyards and the richness of its natural landscapes: unsurprisingly perhaps, part of this territory has been listed among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.


Barolo Turin

This tour guides you through the Langhe, exploring the charming towns of Alba and Barolo, where you can taste local specialities and admire the scenic beauty. 

Guided tour of Casa Zegna and the Ermenegildo Zegna Wool Mill

ZEGNA is the world's leader brand in luxury men's clothing. The company was founded in 1910 in Trivero by Ermenegildo Zegna, convinced that the production of the best fabrics in the world should take place in harmony with nature and local communities.

Discover the places that have made the history of this great example of Italian entrepreneurship, with a guided tour of Casa Zegna and the Ermenegildo Zegna Wool Mill. Visits are subject to availability disponibilità.

Truffle hunt with wine tasting

No mention of Piedmont is complete without truffles. In the beautiful region of Vignale Monferrato you can enjoy an unprecedented truffle hunt, exploring the surrounding hills in search of fine mushrooms. 

After walking along the spectacular paths, you can enjoy lunch at the Oreste Buzio winery, with a glass of organic wine.


There’s a wide range of options to discover the unique features of Piedmont from a fresh and original perspective. Now all you have to do is choose the experience that inspires you the most! For more information and to book your tour, please contact the hotel directly at