Spiagge Bandiera Blu 2020: le migliori da visitare per le vacanze
Blue Flag Beaches: Our Faves

Blue Flag Beaches: Our Faves

Twelve new Italian municipalities have joined others that boast clean water and greater respect for the environment.

3 Aug 2020

Gruppo UNA

Established in 1987, the Blue Flag is an international recognition awarded every year in 49 European and non-European countries by the Foundation for Environmental Education, based on samples gathered by environmental agencies in the various Regions. The aim is to encourage tourist destinations to adopt local policies that focus on environmental sustainability as a process, rewarding beaches that care about the quality of their bathing waters, sustainable tourism, waste management, effective purification and making the most of nature. For 2020, twelve new Italian municipalities have joined others that boast clean water and greater respect for the environment. Here is a list of our favorites. 

Montignoso - Cinquale - Tuscany. 

The territory of Montignoso, in the Apuan Riviera, lies enclosed in the double embrace of mountains and sea (the Versilia coast and Pasquilio peak), nestled between the water and white marble quarries. Little wonder, Cinquale is one of Versilia’s most famous strands. The town has attracted illustrious visitors and artists down the ages, including Enrico Pea, Gabriele D’Annunzio and painters Carlo Carrà and Mino Maccari, who lived and found their inspiration here. The characteristic small port with more than two hundred berths offers beautiful views back over to the Apuan Mountains. Follow the course of the Versilia River and you’ll arrive at the protected Lago di Porto natural reserve, a coastal zone of special interest managed by the WWF and Legambiente.



Where to stay in Versilia.

Offering a combination of elegance and wellness, Versilia Lido | UNA Esperienze is the ideal hotel for a getaway. Located at Forte dei Marmi (less than 10 minutes from Cinquale), the complex offers its own spa and wellness centre, serving the finest and most refined Tuscan cuisine. 

Versilia Lido | UNA Esperienze


Vico Equense - Beaches: Bikinis, Scrajo Mare, Marina di Vico, Capa La Gala - Campania.

Vico Equense is a beautiful town nestled between the Gulf of Naples, the Lattari Mountains and the Gulf of Salerno, looking out onto the Tyrrhenian Sea. For a daytrip, summer holiday or weekend, this resort is a great choice for exploring the surrounding areas and enjoying a few days of carefree relaxation between the Amalfi and Sorrento coasts. Vico Equense is the most virtuous municipality in Campania for separate waste collection. In recent years, the town has embarked on a number of environmental protection schemes, working with Lega Navale, Marevivo and AVF, various environmental associations, the Harbour Master’s Office and the Guardia di Finanza. 

Vico Equense


Where to stay in Campania.

Once you’ve arrived in Vico Equense and enjoyed the beauty of the coast, make sure you take a trip to the beautiful city of Naples. Immerse yourself in authentic Neapolitan life by staying at UNAHOTELS Napoli and enjoying the city’s authentic atmospheres and tastes. 



Tremiti Islands - Apulia.

The well-known Puglian archipelago of the Tremiti Islands lies just off the Molise coast, in the midst of the most fantastic sea.  The Tremiti are a natural marine reserve that falls within the Gargano National Park. The islands are covered in lush vegetation and surrounded by uncontaminated sea rich in fauna, which makes it great for diving. The archipelago consists of five small islands: San Nicola, San Domino, la Capraia, il Cretaccio and Pianosa. Cars are not allowed here: the only ones you’ll see belong to residents. In recent years, major progress has been made in waste management through separate waste collection, which has propelled the Tremiti Islands into the top echelons of the Blue Flag classification. 



Melendugno – Torre dell’Orso, San Foca, Roca Vecchia and Sant’Andrea – Puglia. 

Surrounded by sea stacks, beaches and crystal-clear Blue Flag waters, the courtly residences and ancient abbeys of Melendugno tell its story. The large swathe of territory covered by the Municipality of Melendugno extends along the Salento coast, embracing well-known marinas at Torre dell’Orso, San Foca, Roca Vecchia and Sant’Andrea. Torre dell’Orso is a small village on the Adriatic coast not far from Otranto, its long beach backing onto a dense and beautiful pine forest. As well as its beautiful shoreline, San Foca also offers one of the largest, best-equipped marinas on the whole Salento coast. Located midway between San Foca and Torre dell’Orso, Roca and Sant’Andrea differ from the other two towns because they are along a rocky stretch of coastline; that said, Roca’s Grotta della Poesia hosts one of the world’s ten most beautiful natural pools.


Grotta della Poesia


Alì Terme - Lungomare - Sicily.

Alì Terme has won itself a Blue Flag as a certified symbol of excellence in environmentalism, tourism and hospitality. At the foot of the Peloritani Mountains, the beautiful clear seas here have been famous since ancient times for their curative properties. Right near town are the springs at Terme di Marino, at the foot of the hill, a little higher than the railway and road leading to Alì Superiore. Since the sixteenth century, the waters at the Granata/Cassibile springs have been popular for body care; unique basins dug into the stone are still visible today. When you’re here, you can not only enjoy the beautiful beaches but take advantage of the proximity to Taormina, Messina and Catania to embark on a proper tour of Sicily. 


Where to stay in Sicily.

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