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Boat Tours: Discovering Italy's Most Beautiful Islands

Three seaside itineraries: a plunge into dreamy landscapes

18 Jun 2024

boat tour is one of the most charming activities to indulge in during the summer. Imagine reaching marvellous islands lulled by the waves of the sea and the breeze of the Mediterranean, with unseen landscapes opening up before your eyes. 

Italy is a country with countless sights to discover. To help you choose, we have compiled a guide with some of the best boat tours. Admire places famous all over the world for their mix of architectural beauty and nature, while having the chance to take a dip in the splendid sea of the Italian peninsula.


A boat tour of the Phlegraean Islands


The Gulf of Naples is full of natural, historical and artistic wonders to discover. A place known worldwide that welcomes thousands and thousands of tourists every year. Among the various locations, we have decided to focus on thegeographical area of the Phlegrean Islands, where the splendid Ischia and Procida stand out. 


Boat tour Naples


Ischia is the largest island of the archipelago and is divided into six municipalities. Known mainly for its thermal waters, the island also has top-notch beaches and monuments, as well as a renowned variety of nature.

The Aragonese Castle, the thermal gardens of Ischia, La Mortella gardens, the Bay of Sorgeto, the Borgo di Sant'Angelo and the Torrione di Forio are just some unmissable places on Ischia that make it such a popular destination.

After discovering all the faces of this island, you could stop in Procida. Here you will be greeted by the colourful houses in the port of Marina Grande, but also by gentle hills and villages that have stood the test of time. Terra Murata, Marina della Corricella (chosen by Troisi for some scenes in his famous film Il Postino) and the Spiaggia della Chiaia are places you must visit to get to know the true essence of Procida.

Also belonging to the municipality of Procida is Vivara, a private island that was closed to the public for a long time. It was inaccessible from 2002, when it became a state nature reserve, until 2013; today, it can be visited at certain times of the year. 

The starting point for this wonderful tour can only be Naples and specifically the UNAHOTELS Naples. The hotel is in the heart of the city and is as convenient to reach by transport as it is ideal as a starting point to visit the beautiful sights we described.

Choose this fine establishment conveniently accessible by train to set out to explore the Phlegraean Islands. Upon return from your boat tour, don't miss a tasty aperitif at the Vesuvio Roof Bar & Restaurant by 'UNA cucina' overlooking the iconic volcano.   


Discovering the Aeolian Islands


The Aeolian Islands are one of Italy's most famous archipelagos and their beauty is such that they have been made a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

Tourism, relaxation, culture and nature come together in harmony on the seven Sicilian islands: Lipari, Salina, Vulcano, Alicudi, Filicudi, Panarea and Stromboli, each with its own personality.


Boat tours Aeolian island


Lipari is the largest of the Aeolian Islands. It offers a lively stay, among the shops of Via Vittorio Emanuele and the square of Marina Corta. There is no shortage of beaches to visit, characteristic villages and viewpoints from where you can take in the beauty of the island.

Salina is also known as the Green Island, a name that echoes its rich natural landscape. Wine lovers will also know that it’s home to the famous Malvasia wine. This is also where we find L'Ariana Isole Eolie | UNA Esperienze located inside a 20th-century villa in the enchanting village of Rinella. Located on one of the two islands connected to the entire archipelago, it’s the perfect base for your boat tour.

Next, move on to Vulcano, with its black sandy beaches and mud pools to dive into, and to Alicudi, the most unspoilt of the Aeolian Islands, where there are no roads for vehicles. Filicudi is also known for its rich and lush vegetation, which can be discovered on a boat tour.

Fans of glamour and movida will find their ideal island in Panarea, with boat parties and apéritifs on the terrace. There is, of course, no shortage of natural beauty. Stop at the Punta Milazzese promontory and Calcarea beach – you won't regret it!

Stromboli is famous for its volcano, bearing the same name. One of the island's most striking sights is the Sciara del fuoco, a depression situated between two ridges where lapilli generated by the volcano's eruptions roll.

There are many wonders to discover when visiting the Aeolian Islands. The best way to get to know them up close can only be an exciting boat tour!


The unspoilt nature of the Asinara Park


Stintino is one of Sardinia's most famous towns. Here, white sand and crystal-clear waters, unspoilt nature and unparalleled tranquillity await you, the result of being far from the busiest urban centres. 


Sardinia Boat tour


On a visit to Stintino, you can’t miss a boat trip to the island of Asinara National Park, where you will be charmed by the hiking trails and itineraries available on bicycles, electric cars and even horseback.

A day at the Asinara National Park will take you through ancient local history, from the first settlements of Sardinian shepherds through the Middle Ages to the famous maximum security prison of Porto Torres, which made the island famous during the 20th century. 

Not to mention the crystal clear sea: tranquil, turquoise... a perfect paradise in which to take a dip from your boat!

Stintino offers the perfect retreat for your holiday in Sardinia, the UNAHOTELS Club Hotel Ancora Stintino. It’s a 4-star seafront hotel set in a beautiful 20,000-square-metre park. A true oasis of peace consisting of four buildings made of authentic Stintino stone, to fully embrace in the unique atmosphere of this location. 


boat tour is the best way to discover some of Italy's most beautiful islands. An extraordinary experience that will allowyou to discover exclusive landscapes serenaded by the waves of the sea and the Mediterranean breeze.