Pet Policy

Rules for 4-legged guests in the hotel

Your pet friend is welcome to Gruppo UNA. However, we would like to list some common sense rules that need to be followed in order to facilitate coexistence with the other Guests of the hotel:
Please note that it is possible to host "4-legged friends" (dogs and cats) up to 25 kg for dogs and up to 3 kg for cats. Your pet friend's stay fee will be € 30,00 for Principi di Piemonte | UNA Esperienze and € 15,00 for other UNA Esperienze, UNAHOTELS and UNAWAY hotels, which includes cleaning. In Versilia Lido | UNA Esperienze pets allowed with supplement (excluding the months of June, July and August).

Pet fee

'Residence stay'

Duration of stay


Residence Hotels applying


Standard I

stay from 4-13 night

EUR 15,00

UNAHOTELS ExpoFiera, Unahotels The One, UNAHOTELS Bologna Centro, UNAHOTELS Bologna San Vitale, **UNAHOTELS Malpensa

**In addition a final cleaning applies with EUR 15,00 at the end of the stay


stay from 14 nights

EUR 15,00 every 2 weeks



Standard II

stay from 4-6 nights

EUR 15,00

Torre GalFa Luxury Apartments UNA Esperienze, *UNAWAY Hotel & Residence Contessa Jolanda

*Small pets (max. 10kg) pay only a One-time charge per stay of  EUR 15,00.
In Torre GalFa Luxury Apartments | UNA Experiences cats are not allowed.


stay from 7 nights

EUR 15,00 per week



Standard III

One-time charge per stay

EUR 15,00

Ricasoli Firenze Luxury Apartments UNA Esperienze, Repubblica Firenze Luxury Apartments UNA Esperienze


General rules apply to all Residence properties:

1 pet per apartament (more than one pet is subject to authorization)

Maximum weight: 25kg dog/ 3 kg cat (*small size: max. 10 kg)

Some facilities may only dedicate a few floors of the hotel to "4-legged friends". It is advisable to contact the hotel of interest for more details.

a) The owners of the pets are reminded to show the healthcare booklet at check-in with the recording of vaccinations in order to properly accommodate the 4-legged Friend. In the absence of the healthcare booklet, the owner must issue a declaration under his/her responsibility stating that the animal is regularly vaccinated, healthy, free of parasites and insured against damage that the pet could cause to property or people.

b) The owner is responsible for the repair and/or replacement of all objects possibly stained or damaged by his/her trusted Friend, as well as any damage caused to other guests.

c) Owners are allowed to transit through the common areas with their pet, along the route to their room and the hotel lobby. However, the 4-legged guest will not be allowed to stay in the following areas of the hotel: bar, restaurant, meeting rooms, wellness center, swimming pool, toilets, whether they are closed premises or outdoor areas, including swimming pools and beaches (the only exceptions being guide dogs or pet therapy animals).
The procedure for granting derogation Will be evaluated by individual management according to the requests and case studies.

d) When transiting inside the hotel, the 4-legged Guests must always be kept on a leash, wear a muzzle or be kept inside a carrier (for cats).

e) Should the 4-legged Friend soil the premises, the owner has the responsibility to clean up immediately and notify the hotel staff. We ask you the courtesy to remove the excrements in all common areas (i.e. garden, hotel appurtenances).

f) We ask not to leave the 4-legged guest in the room alone, in order to prevent unpleasant situations for them and other hotel guests. Please remember to hang the special sign outside the bedroom door in order to communicate to the other Guests and the hotel staff the presence of 4-legged friends.

g) The 4-legged guest must not disturb other guests, both when in the room and when going through the common areas.

h) It is not allowed to let your friend climb on beds, armchairs, chairs and tables in the room or in common areas.

i) For reasons of safety and comfort of your friend, the maid will not clean the room if the 4-legged guest is left there unattended. Therefore, the cleaning of the room will take place only when the Trusted Friend is with you.

Finally, we would like to recall what art. 2052 of the Italian Civil Code states on the subject of animals:

Damage caused by animals - The owner of an animal or whoever uses the same for the time the animal is in use, is liable for any damages caused by the animal, whether in his/her custody, lost or escaped, unless a fortuitous event is proven (par. 2051).


We thank you and your pet friends for your cooperation.