Milano Verticale | UNA Esperienze launches the Vertical Gaze project

Milano Verticale | UNA Esperienze launches the Vertical Gaze project

3 Apr 2021

The new Gruppo UNA hotel will open in May in Milan's Porta Nuova quarter, where everything is vertical; an urban hotel, a gourmet destination, a place for drinks, a centre for business and an innovative hub for first-rate events. Milano Verticale | UNA Esperienze will light up Milan's hospitality sector and will revolutionise the concept of hotels thanks to its unique mix of eclectic and contemporary features. Its multifaceted nature is reflected in the Vertical Gaze launch campaign, devised and developed in collaboration with the Beyond The Line content agency which chose the well-known photographer Stefano Guindani to present and celebrate the “vertical minds”: personalities whose talent, innovative ideas and passion make Milan great every day, and who make it one of the most extraordinary international cities. In addition to the famous photographer, the other personalities involved include figures of the calibre of Enrico Bartolini, Gian Maurizio Fercioni, Giò Marconi and Elena Salmistraro.

They say that it is its people who make a city what it really is, and in the capital of the Lombardy region there is a large, eclectic community of people who are all driven by a powerful inspiration, at the peak of their various disciplines, and united by a common attitude that relies on intelligence, open-mindedness, curiosity, and fusion: they are the ones who represent Milan's real driving force. The similarity with Milano Verticale | UNA Esperienze is clear to see, as the UNA Group hotel aims for the highest excellence in terms of services and hospitality, with its very essence based on complex perspectives that reach for the sky. It's a “Vertical Attitude” that will make the flagship hotel in Milan the very best place to be for overnight stays, events and cuisine when it opens in May.

Essence, modernity, tradition, fusion and eclecticism: these are the keywords that recall the verticality of the ambassadors of Milano Verticale | UNA Esperienze, a copious new concept in hospitality whose roots are firmly based in Milan's traditions, fused with the city's more modern features, in a mix of the very best of design, culture, food and wine, and creativity.  

There are five eclectic personalities involved in the “Vertical Gaze” project, in first place Stefano Guidani, the project designer. One of the most famous and important professionals behind the lens, he founded his agency in 1998 and went from success to success, immortalising celebrities and working for fashion and luxury companies, constantly moving up in the world. For him vertical means “the pursuit of beauty means trying to always do something more”. Enrico Bartolini, who together with Franco Aliberti has designed the hotel's restaurant side, is one of these vertical minds and the reason is clear: his intuition, creativity, seriousness, ambition and, above all, his passion and love for his job have led him to the very top of that verticality, which for him, first and foremost, means attention to detail. Gian Maurizio Fercioni is a Milan man through and through, a cult figure in the famous Brera quarter, where he opened the city's first tattoo parlour in 1974: he still draws freehand for several hours a day and describes verticality as being “an attitude that lets you roam freely with your mind”. Giò Marconi also has deep roots in Milan and has made fusion his mantra since the foundation of Studio Marconi 17, an experimental lab space for young artists, critics and cultural operators that he directed until 1990, before opening his own gallery. One of the very best “Vertical Minds” is the young Elena Salmistraro, a fashion and product designer from Milan, a determined and hypercreative woman proud of who she is. Her idea of verticality – “a childlike attitude that encourages me to experiment and be bold”, is perfectly reflected in her work where she prioritises pursuing the expressiveness of objects in an attempt to enchant people and elicit emotions.


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