Gruppo UNA Hospitality: Safe, Sanitized and Guaranteed, for Your Meetings and Events Too

Gruppo UNA Hospitality: Safe, Sanitized and Guaranteed, for Your Meetings and Events Too

High standards of quality, state-of-the-art technological services, and meticulous safety procedures to foster the MICE sector

18 Mar 2021

Gruppo UNA

To ensure the utmost safety during the Covid emergency, in 2020 Gruppo UNA set up specific protocols and rules of conduct to codify all of the measures that we observe to ensure safe stays. These measures for properly running meetings and events at all Group hotels and resorts are certified by the official UNAsafe 2.0 protocol, an extraordinary and unique package of safety-related services validated by DNV GL – Business Assurance, one of the world’s top certification bodies and a leader in the digital evolution of assurance services. A number of measures are in place for the management of meetings, events, conferences and exhibitions.

UNAsafe - Gruppo UNA


Gruppo UNA has enacted a whole series of procedures to foster the MICE sector while maintaining high standards of quality and safety, as described below.

Access and exit routes, sanitized rooms, new set-ups and enhanced wi-fi

Prior to your event, Gruppo UNA evaluates all space set-up options, guaranteeing access and exit routes, increasing air circulation rates, and ensuring that all washable surfaces are clean and hygienic. Gruppo UNA supplies all guests at your event or business meeting with 50 cl disposable water bottles and sanitizing gel at the conference venue entrance and exit. In addition to compulsory mask-wearing, including during transfers, the registration desks are equipped with plexiglass protection. The dedicated event spaces, arranged according to these new set-up rules, fully comply with social distancing measures. Moreover, whether it be a digital or hybrid event, enhanced wi-fi ensures peak connectivity performance at all times for all attendees.

Spazi dedicati agli eventi, allestiti secondo nuovi set up - Gruppo UNA


Leading-edge Technology

As well as unconventional event spaces such as a 1000 m2 Garden and the Magnolia private square, the Gruppo UNA flagship hotel opening in May, the Milano Verticale | UNA Esperienze, offers a unique, leading-edge facility among Italian hotels: a digital SmartRoom. The Milano Verticale | UNA Esperienze SmartRoom can stage events with attendees, remote participants or hybrid events, ensuring the same user experience for all attendees, whether remote or physically-present. One wall of the hall is equipped with wall panels that can be used for projection and as a whiteboard, plus two high-definition laser projectors that leverage cutting-edge technology to make the wall touch-controllable and interactive, ensuring an innovative and highly-digital experience. Using the Finger Touch function, participants can contribute simply by moving their fingers. Two webcams and an extremely advanced ambient audio capture system ensure that remote participation is a highly-immersive experience.

digital SmartRoom - Gruppo UNA

digital SmartRoom - Gruppo UNA


Flex & Safe Promotion

That’s not all. Gruppo UNA enables you to organize your next event under conditions that are not only safer but more flexible. Thanks to our extension of the Flex & Safe promotion, valid for events scheduled until 5 Sept. 2021, you can organize and manage your meetings and events with facilitated cancellation procedures and in complete safety. 

All that’s left is for you to choose the ideal hotel for your event. UNAHOTELS Expo Fiera Milano has a modern and innovative conference centre and nine exhibition spaces, while Principi di Piemonte | UNA Esperienze offers its famous Salone delle Feste. There’s also Versilia Lido | UNA Esperienze, which won the “Best Spaces for Meetings and Events, Central and Southern Italy” Italian Mission Awards in 2019. Last but not least, the UNAWAY Congress Hotel Bologna San Lazzaro is a smart hotel set in its own gardens.

Versilia Lido | UNA Esperienze