Cibo Nostrum in Taormina: between the celebration of Italian cuisine and solidarity

31 May 2018

The great celebration of Italian cuisine, between tradition and innovation. The prestigious Cibo Nostrum event, now at its 7th edition, took place in Taormina and its surroundings, confirming itself as an international gastronomic event right at the foot of Mount Etna. Over 1000 chefs, 90 food companies, 50 wineries and many more than 20,000 visitors have contributed to the success of the event that took place from 20 to 22 May, giving unforgettable food and wine experiences to all participants.

The event opened with a gala dinner at Atahotel Naxos Beach in Giardini Naxos called “Festa dei Territori”. Here, thanks to the coordination of the Executive Chef Nico Scalora and all the partners of the event, typical dishes of Italian cuisine were prepared and consumed for each region, revisited thanks to the chefs’ inventiveness and the innovations brought by the modern cuisine. It was an important opportunity to taste an Italian and at the same time avant-garde food experience, thanks to the creation of dishes with a unique flavor and local ingredients. The cake “Torta della Penisola Italiana” was of great impact, which accurately portrayed the shape of Italy and was 6 meters long, weighing over 450 kg.

There were the conditions for breaking the records of the previous edition, and they were respected not only from a numerical point of view, but also from a solidarity one: the day dedicated to the Taormina Cooking Fest, in fact, was an opportunity to support the scientific research against Parkinson’s disease and Cyberbullying. The beating heart of the event that took place in Taormina, has seen the exhibition of about 150 cooking shows made by over a thousand chefs and pastry chefs, who have prepared more than 87,000 thousand portions tasted. “This event – states the FIC national president, Rocco Cristiano Pozzulo – confirms once again that Italian cuisine does not only represent a beautiful and rich tradition of our country, but also something concrete on which we can count on the social front and solidarity”. The Italian cuisine, therefore, is not limited to an excellent gastronomic experience that is appreciated all over the world, but it has always been an opportunity to help people who need it most.