An Aperitif in Naples: Five Great Places to Go

An Aperitif in Naples: Five Great Places to Go

In the streets of the old town, overlooking the sea, with seafood or traditional cuisine, here’s a list of early evening places to enjoy an aperitif in Naples

26 Aug 2022

Gruppo UNA

Take an evening break, enjoy a moment of relaxation after a long day at work, perhaps after wandering the city’s streets to discover the known and lesser-known beauties of Neapolitan artistic and cultural history... Whatever the reason, it’s always a good time for an aperitif, especially in Naples, which has reinvented this ritual of Nordic origins, mixing it up with its own gastronomic tradition to achieve surprising results with a unique touch.

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Whether you’re looking for down-to-earth or more refined, here’s our personal selection of great places for an aperitif in Naples. 

Barril - Via Giuseppe Fiorelli, 11.

In the heart of the chic Chiaia district, Barril is a lounge bar that’s a great place to enjoy an excellent drink or a glass of wine accompanied by refined finger food, including their truly tasty eggplant parmigiana (plus no shortage of cold cuts, cheeses or the classic bruschetta).
An exclusive location with an indoor garden, it’s perfect on a warm autumn or spring day, to the strains of jazz and bossa nova...

Barril - Via Giuseppe Fiorelli, 11


Antica Cantina Sepe - Via Vergini, 55.

Francesco, the owner, defines the Antica Cantina Sepe as a “social aperitif within everyone’s reach”. Why’s that? For just over a euro, you can drink a good glass of local wine and sample Mamma Giovanna’s typical homemade cuisine. In short, a family-run place with a noble and important objective: to redevelop the Sanità district and raise the profile of places like this, steeped in history and tradition. Alongside the wine tasting, the restaurant also puts on a busy programme of cultural and artistic evenings.

Antica Cantina Sepe - Via Vergini, 55


Cisterna Cafè e Bistrot - Via Cisterna dell'Olio, 6.

Located in the heart of Naples, the venue’s name refers to the street where underground tanks once stored olive oil. Today, the Cisterna is a space that manages to be a cafe, kitchen, wine & cocktail bar all in one, which means we can recommend it for every meal of the day… but above all for an aperitif, when platters of Campania delicacies and typical local dishes with foreign influences do the rounds.

Cisterna Cafè e Bistrot - Via Cisterna dell'Olio, 6


Caffè letterario Intra Moenia - Piazza Bellini 70.

A historic literary café where you can not only enjoy a delicious aperitif but exhibitions, presentations, concerts and literary events against the picturesque backdrop of Piazza Bellini. The Intra Moenia literary café has given this square a new lease of life, helping to transform it into one of the most popular cultural, musical and youth centres in town. Perfect for an evening out, alone or in company. 

Caffè letterario Intra Moenia - Piazza Bellini 70


Bar del mare.

We move to Posilippo, specifically the tiny port where boats frame the landscape of Vesuvius and the Bar del Mare occupies a former fishermen’s boathouse. The place is a landmark for Neapolitan nightlife with the young and old, anybody who enjoys sipping a cocktail overlooking the sea, perhaps with a beautiful sunset on the horizon. It makes for a truly spectacular Instagram spot!

Bar del mare


Where to stay in Naples.

Whether it’s for a weekend or longer, UNAHOTELS Napoli is the perfect place to discover the beauties of Naples. Close to the Central Station, the old town and the underground network, the hotel’s excellent location makes it ideal for getting around town or visiting surrounding areas. Naples’ unique atmosphere is always worth sampling!