Un tour che parte da Positano, tra Sorrento, Castellamare di Stabia, Pompei, Ercolano, per arrivare a Napoli.
A Slow Trip from Positano to Naples

A Slow Trip from Positano to Naples

The journey from the Amalfi coast to the City of Naples is full of beauty

5 Jul 2020

Gruppo UNA

On the shores of the Mediterranean, this is one of the most beautiful areas of the world, and not surprisingly a UNESCO World Heritage Site. On the horizon, a picturesque panoramic road hugs the coast, revealing a landscape of unusual beauty at every turn: cliffs plunging into the sea, mysterious caves and underground tunnels, bays and picturesque places of authentic architecture where time seems to stand still.
This is the itinerary we discover together, starting from Positano and ending up in Naples. En route, we see unique, picture-perfect villages set between the blue sky and the sea, among vineyards, lemon trees and olive groves. 


The “Pearl of the Amalfi Coast”, for centuries Positano has attracted tourists, artists and writers with its magical atmosphere, alleyways scented with lemon and broom, and charming shops full of handmade pottery and made-to-measure high fashion clothes.
Beautiful and exclusive, Positano’s steep streets are lined with pastel-coloured houses. At the bottom of the town, after a series of rocky hairpins overlooking the sea, you come to a beautiful pebble beach. Not for nothing is Positano sometimes known as “the vertical city” (or even the “wedding cake”) for its particular up-and-down configuration.
The best way to appreciate the beauty of this pearl of the Amalfi coast is to allow yourself to slow down to its pace. To walk in Positano is to adopt an entire lifestyle. It is a town to enjoy from the heart, including its spectacular many architectural works in the old town.




On our journey to Naples we simply must stop in Sorrento, just half an hour from Positano. In years gone by, Sorrento was a favourite destination for patricians, including the Bourbons’ “King’s Garden”. For many centuries, it has been a popular destination with tourists visiting the Amalfi Coast. From on high, Sorrento looks out proudly over the Gulf of Naples, Vesuvius and the island of Capri.
Enjoy fantastic Sorrento. Explore its historic centre, its beautiful bay and lovely port, quiet bays and mysterious caves, enchanting terraces overlooking the sea, famous ice cream parlours… and don’t miss the Museo Bottega della Tarsia Lignea, with its wonderful collection of furniture and typical Sorrento handicrafts.
Make sure you visit Piazza Tasso in the heart of town, in the middle of a network of bustling, narrow streets. 



Castellammare di Stabia.

We continue our itinerary with what in ancient times was an enchanting summer resort for wealthy Ancient Romans: Castellammare di Stabia, a beautiful town overlooking the Gulf of Naples. 
Our tour around the old town starts from Piazza Monumento. After crossing the park, continue on to Cassarmonica, a musical pavilion in ornate Arabic style with beautiful arches. Then continue towards Marina Grande, the oldest part of town, and to Piazza Cristoforo Colombo, known by all as Piazza Orologio. The seafront is full of kiosks where you can sample classic caponata campana and excellent fresh fried fish, all washed down with the local tipple: Acetosella. 
If you love archaeology, make sure you don’t miss Villa San Marco and Villa Arianna, two villas recently unearthed from Stabie, the ancient city from which modern-day Castellammare grew. Take advantage of your stay here to visit the spa. 
Castellammare is an excellent starting point for visiting other sites of interest such as Pompeii and Herculaneum. 

Pompeii and Herculaneum.

Ready for a “walk down memory lane”? If you’re traveling to Naples, you simply have to stop at one of the world’s top archaeological sites: Pompeii, the city that was buried when Vesuvius violently erupted in 79 AD. 
It is deeply moving to imagine a thick blanket of ash and lapilli burying this flourishing town and its thousands of inhabitants for seventeen centuries. Time seems to have stood still in this ancient Roman city, in what is a perfectly-preserved, monumental open-air museum. 
From here, can continue your trip with an excursion to the imposing volcano of Vesuvius.
On your way back to Naples, we suggest a visit to the ruins of the seafaring city of Herculaneum, which enjoys an enchanting position in the heart of the Gulf of Naples. 




We’ve arrived in Naples. The third largest city in Italy, Naples is one of the oldest, most artistic and incredible places in the country. It is an ancient city capable of winning anyone over with its vitality. The Neapolitan passion for life is something you feel on the street. 
Start off your discovery of Neapolis in its magnificent old town. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is packed with famous archaeological treasures, elegant castles and palaces, baroque churches and museums.
The beautiful Neapolitan streets and squares are imbued with their unique atmosphere because the town was originally founded by the Greeks in the 5th century BC, before being conquered by the Romans, Normans, Bavarians, Spanish Viceroys and the Bourbons. The result is a genuine way of seeing life as seductive and chaotic, an eclectic architectural and monumental mix with its own unique traditions and gastronomic delights that you will love. 



Where to stay once you get to Naples?

Once you arrive in Naples, enjoy a truly relaxing stay at the Gruppo UNA UNAHOTELS Napoli, a charming hotel in a historic building that offers all aspects of authentic Neapolitan life. Being close to the city’s top sights, the hotel is perfectly-located for discovering Naples.