A host of ideas and a special Gruppo UNA menu to celebrate the month known for the truffle, the grey-coloured gold of the woods

20 Nov 2021

Gruppo UNA

We’re slap bang in the middle of the truffle fair and show season in Italy, with the International Fair of the White Truffle in Alba running for the 91st time between 9 October and 5 December, and the Truffle Festival of San Miniato that, over the last three weekends of November, fills the city of the Rocca with events and initiatives. To celebrate this precious tuber, we share four dishes to make with white truffle. 


1. Truffled eggs Fried


Soft-boiled or scrambled, eggs go perfectly with truffles to create a quick dish with an exquisite, sought-after flavour.  



Truffled eggs Fried - Gruppo UNA


2. Tagliolini with truffle 


A tasty yet delicate pasta dish, perfect for autumn, in which the porosity of the egg pasta maximizes the truffle’s flavour. For an even creamier experience, it combines perfectly with a delicate cheese fondue.   


Tagliolini with truffle - Gruppo UNA


3. Truffle Risotto 


A simple yet refined Piedmontese classic, risottos satisfy even the most demanding palates. In this version, the creaminess of the risotto is enhanced by the raw truffle’s unmistakable aroma as it practically melts on contact.


Truffle Risotto - Gruppo UNA


4. Beef fillet with porcini mushrooms and truffle 


Ideal as a refined variant of the classic green pepper fillet… At the very end of cooking, a sprinkle of fresh white truffle shavings enhances any cut of meat.


Beef fillet with porcini mushrooms and truffle - Gruppo UNA


White Truffle Tasting – A Special Gruppo UNA Promo


Gruppo UNA has thought of everything for its guests to sample recipes dedicated to the king of the woods. Thanks to the creativity of the Chef at the Casa Savoia by “UNA cucina” restaurant in the magical setting of the Principi di Piemonte | UNA Esperienze in Turin, Gruppo UNA is offering a one-off tasting menu between 29 November and 5 December. Book by 23 November for a special dinner of poached egg and Piedmontese toma cheese fondue, thirty egg-yolk tagliolini, roasted beef tenderloin, and brassicacee in Barolo sauce. And if you’re not in the magic city of Turin, no problem: the tasting menu is also available at the Gruppo UNA’s hotel restaurants, notably the Etnea Roof Bar & Restaurant by “UNA cucina” at the Palace Catania | UNA Esperienze, the Vesuvio Roof Bar & Restaurant by “UNA cucina” at UNAHOTELS Napoli, the Grande Gatsby Bar & Restaurant by “UNA cucina” at UNAHOTELS Decò Roma, the San Frediano Bar & Restaurant by “UNA cucina” at UNAHOTELS Vittoria Firenze, the Cairoli Bar & Restaurant by “UNA cucina” at UNAHOTELS Cusani, and the Magellano Bar & Restaurant by “UNA cucina” at UNAHOTELS Expo Fiera Milano. Just pick your destination and prepare to be conquered by the aromas of the forest. 


Principi di Piemonte | UNA Esperienze