Wellness & Beauty

Kneipp Therapy, Emotional Showers, Turkish Bath and More

Nurture mind, body and soul in our elegant wellness centre with its relaxing rock beds, spa facilities, jacuzzi and heated pool, or why not Indulge in the soothing pleasures of a Kneipp, massage or beauty treatment, followed by a refreshing herbal tea…? Whatever you decide, the Regina Spa is here to care for your well-being in style.

Regina Spa is a relaxing area specially designed for guests’ wellness during their stay in Bari. Thanks to advanced massage techniques, body treatments and beauty programmes, guests experience total relaxation of the mind and body. 

The wet area in this Bari spa offers a path with indoor thermal swimming pool, as well as Kneipp therapy, a jacuzzi, emotional showers, relaxing warm stone beds, sauna, a Turkish bath and an area with herbal teas

Thermal pool

Warm stone beds

Treatments & Rituals