The best places to admire Fall foliage in Italy

Autumn can be one of the most beautiful seasons of the year.

23 Sep 2019

Gruppo UNA

Where to admire Fall foliage in Italy.

If you're wondering about the best places to view fall foliage in Italy, our Gruppo Una travel team have the following suggestions.

Fall foliage in Italy

1. Roero in the Piedmont region.

Roero in Piedmont is pretty at all times of the year, but it's autumn chestnut trail really does offer some spectacular views of the area. The Roero Chestnut Trail takes you to some of the principal wine-producing areas of the Piedmont region, too, so it's a great way to combine two wonderful autumn activities. Take a driver along for the day and take a leisurely tour of the colourful autumn Roero chestnuts, while also sipping some of the famous wines of the region en route!

The Roera Chestnut Tree Route starts at the Rocche Valley Outdoor Centre and walkers average about three hours to complete the circular trail.

2. The Foreste Casentinesi Park in Romagna-Tuscany

The Foreste Casentinesi National Park is an ancient woodland located on the borders of Tuscany and Romagna. This stunningly beautiful and tranquil forest is one of the most popular destinations to admire foliage in Italy at any time of year. Visitors will enjoy the constant sounds of water due to the abundance of streams and waterfalls in the forest, and this ancient woodland has a spirituality that has been gifted by the monks from the local Eremo di Camaldoli monastery who have spent hundreds of years caring for and preserving this natural environment.

Just some of the trees of the forest include hop-hornbeam, manna ash, dogwood, white willow, and Italian maple. There are lots of different tracks and trails through the forest, and an open-air museum is also a popular visitor attraction. 

Casentinesi National Park

3. Foresta Umbra, Gargano, Puglia.

The Umbra Forest is part of the Gargano National Park and is an overlooked Puglia attraction that really comes into its own during the autumn. A variety of tracks and paths wind their way through the forest, enabling you to enjoy a sense of solitude and admire the colours of autumn foliage at your leisure. It's important to note that some areas of the forest are closed off in order to maintain their pristine appearance and natural beauty.

Just some of the most common trees of the forest include maple, holly, beech, hare trees, and hornbeam but one of the most magnificent specimens is the 700-year-old pine known as the Zeppino del Scorzone. There are several examples of gigantic trees throughout the Umbra Forest, while the undergrowth, vegetation and native wildlife in autumn are also visually thrilling. 

4. The Sila National Park situated in Calabria

The Sila National Park is the only remaining natural habitat for the wolves which used to roam freely throughout Italy. Its diverse mountainous and lowland landscapes make it a unique destination. Some of the most spectacular fall colours in the Sila National Park are provided by a varied selection of trees such as maple, beech,  poplar and chestnut. One of the popular circular fall colour hiking routes is the Sila Piccola at Trivolo.

Autumn in Italy

Best hotels in Italy for your autumn foliage trip.

If you're planning to a trip to discover the beauties of the Italian foliage this autumn, why not get in touch with Gruppo UNA to discuss your itinerary and find out more about local forests, beauty spots, and colourful fall trees at your chosen destinations?

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