What's a late check out? Here's how it works in Italy

It can be easier to manage your trip to Italy.

2 Oct 2019

Gruppo UNA

How to arrange late Check-Out in a hotel.

There are lots of good reasons hotel guests use to justify late checking out, but from the perspective of the hospitality provider, there is really only a very short window of opportunity for cleaning and preparing rooms for new guests. So, if onward journey times or scheduled appointments make it essential for you to retain their room for a longer period of time, one solution is to book an extra night.

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The following tips could help ensure a complementary, later check out time at your hotel, however, there is no guarantee! It's also a good idea to let the front desk know just how much additional time you require, as a couple of hours overstay may be a simple request to satisfy. Try these tips to ease the conversation:

  • book lunch or dinner in the hotel restaurant, and then ask reception to allow you to remain in the room until after your meal.
  • Request later check out at the time of reservation, and follow this up by calling hotel reception prior to your arrival, and again at the time of check-in.
  • If you've stayed at this hotel in the past, don't hesitate to mention it to the hotel management team at the time you make your request for a later check-out.
  • Get in touch with the hotel manager to request a later check out time.
  • Only book rooms in hotels that offer flexible check-in and out policies

Does it cost extra for late Check-Out at Italian hotels?

Typically, hotel check-in times are around 2 pm, while check out times tend to be at 12 noon at the latest. This is because hotel staff need to clean rooms and prepare for incoming guests. So, yes, it's generally the case that Italian hotels will charge an additional sum for guests needing to check out at later times. Very often, this additional charge amounts to approximately 50% of the standard room rate. 

How to avoid paying for late Check-Outs.

If you're adamant about checking out late, and your hotel won't budge when it comes to charging for the service, you could consider simply asking the hotel to retain your bags for you. Most hotels have a secure left luggage room and can look after your suitcases while you spend added time in the neighbourhood. You may also be able to use the pool, spa, fitness centre, or business centre for free on the day of check out, and your hotel concierge will be able to arrange this for you.

What is the Gruppo UNA Late Check-Out Policy?

The staff teams at all Gruppo UNA hotels are 100% committed to providing all guests with their most memorable hotel stay ever.

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