Visit Sicily with Kids: an unforgettable vacation

A lot of fun by way of relaxation, history and nature.

24 Jun 2019

Gruppo UNA

When families visit Sicily with kids, they can get around by a rented car. Car rental is the best way since it enables families to run their schedules and visit as many places as they would wish. Visitors can also opt for public transport. Buses and trains can transport families to various town centres. From the town centre, one can find tour operators to get to specific tour destinations such as the Aeolian Islands or Mount Etna.

Best beaches in Sicily for families with kids.

There are plenty of beaches to choose from. However, some would be more appealing to kids due to their safety, convenient local family services and the beauty and safety of the water, among other pleasantries. Around Messina, Marina di Lipari and Canneto, the beaches are thought to be the best. In Trapani, Torretta Granitola, Tre Fontane, Lido Signorino (Marsala) and San Vito Lo Capo are some of the best family beaches. Other beaches around Sicily include Vendicari in Siracusa, Porto Palo di Menfi in Agrigento and Cefalù in Palermo.

Much more than just the beach destinations, Sicily offers a lot of unique cultural and natural experiences for families and children of all ages, including babies, toddlers, and teens.

Amazing cultural attractions.

The ancient temple complexes of Sicily are among the top-preserved examples of ancient Roman and Greek culture and societies dating to the 8th century. Families can visit the ancient Agrigento city with elegant Doric columns and Syracuse for unforgettable historical experiences. Here, families can explore the first origins of the ancient Romans and Greek societies in the city's ruins and architecture.

The preservation of culinary traditions and centuries-old artisanal crafts provide families with the chance to understand the local cultural traditions. Options for learning the history from the locals include participating in the harvesting of lemons and oranges and visiting the old factories in the Buscemi village museum to learn arts and crafts. Visitors can learn pottery from master craftsmen in Caltagirone or learn about “manna” on the mountains of Madonie behind Cefalù. There are many places to visit and learn about different cultures and local activities.

To get an exceptional experience for visitors of all ages, Italy's Arte al Sole children's arts and cultural programs offer fun summer day camps for kids in Sicily in Modica at a traditional Masseria. Families have the option to stay in self-catering apartments that have gardens and pools at the Masseria. During the day, kids can entertain themselves while learning about ceramics, chocolate-making and Baroque Art.

Nature and Trekking activities for families.

Besides the local beaches, families can enjoy outdoor activities around Sicily. Tourists with families can stay on the local working farms at the agriturismos. Most of the agriturismos can help to arrange horse and donkey or trekking excursions for families to explore the natural landscape. During such nature and hiking tours, kids can discover a real, active volcano at Mt. Etna and learn about the flora and fauna around.

Other activities families can engage in include birdwatching at Vendicari which takes place between May to October, tasting local products such as honey from Mt. Etna and learning how to make a real Sicilian “arancino” - rice ball.

Where families can get accommodation around Sicily

Gruppo UNA can offer you the perfect place for you and your family to stay whilst in Sicily thanks to the amenities and top-quality service of the UNAHOTELS Naxos Beach Sicilia. Both adults and children alike can enjoy the four swimming pools of the hotel as well as access to the establishment's private beach, where children can play safely and adults can relax in the serene environment. Scented citrus gardens add to the scents and colours of the hotel grounds, while guests can expect authentic Sicilian food in the onsite restaurants as well as tailored services to meet their every need.

UNAHOTELS Naxos Beach Sicilia

Visiting Sicily with kids is a wonderful experience as there are plenty of activities for kids and many amazing places to visit. You can check out the Gruppo UNA website to learn about our facilities and to find more articles for guidance on the best activities and tours when planning a visit to Sicily or wider Italy.