September beach vacation in Italy: 4 top destinations

Tips if you're planning an autumn beach break.

8 Sep 2019

Gruppo UNA

If you opt for the sunny southern regions, you'll benefit from warm temperatures, averaging at 27 degrees Celsius. Alternatively, choosing a northern Italy beach holidays means you can explore the varied Tuscan countryside and discover the wide range of food and wine festivals that take place at this time of year.  

How do I decide where to go for my autumn beach break in Italy?

The first decision you'll need to make about your autumn holiday in Italy is whether or not the warmer weather in the south is the major draw. If so, you could consider holidaying in Sicily, Apulia or Puglia, Naples, or on the Amalfi coast. If you prefer to combine your September beach vacation with fantastic nightlife, or exploring some of the popular Tuscany destinations, then opting for the classy sophistication of the Italian Riviera could be the best way forward. The weather in the Versilia region may not be as hot as southern Italy, however, its spectacular coastline and cosmopolitan ambience have a lot to offer.

Finding the right September beach/swimming vacation in Italy.

If you decide that warmer temperatures are the main priority for your autumn beach break in Italy, you really do need to head south. The team here at Gruppo UNA suggest Apulia, sophisticated historic Naples, or Sicily could prove to be the best places for relaxed September beach vacations. All these destinations are thriving summer tourist resorts, and the season tends to last into October. This means you can rest assured that just about all of the local restaurants, clubs and bars will be open for business as usual. Another good point to note is that prices can drop significantly from the beginning of September, making short breaks an affordable option.

3 of the top beaches to go to in Italy if you're seeking sun, sea, and swimming destinations.

There are countless superb beaches in Puglia, which is the reason it's one of the most popular holiday destinations for Italian nationals. The Gruppo UNA UNAHOTELS Regina Bari is one of our best-kept secret locations and situated close to the highly-rated Blue Flag beach of Polignano a Mare.


Naples is another wonderful choice for autumn beach holidays to Italy, offering a cosmopolitan ambience and lots of historic attractions, alongside access to some of the best beaches in Italy. These include Bagno Elena, Arienzo Beach, and Gaiola Beach. It's also easy to tour the Amalfi coastline from Naples or visit Capri for the day. 

Sicily offers some of the best-deserted beaches in Italy, and holidaymakers are certain to appreciate the beauty of its Lascari or Licarta beaches. What's more, a variety of fascinating and exciting trips to destinations like Pompeii, Mount Etna, or boat trips to the beautiful, secluded Aeolian Islands offer another enjoyable aspect to any September beach holiday. 

Reasons to opt for Versilia, Italy beach holidays in September.

There are lots of great reasons to choose Versilia for your September beach holiday in Italy. Although daytime temperatures may not go much above 23 degrees celsius during the month, these busy resorts offer so many activities and events for travellers. What's more, getting to the Italian Riviera resorts is a simple matter, whether your flight arrives at Pisa or Florence airports.

The best hotels for late summer in Italy.


Gruppo UNA operates some of the best hotels in Italy, and we're proud of our reputation for welcoming employees and brilliant hospitality. It's not always possible to book package holiday beach deals to Italy at short notice or to suit individual time constraints, so it's often recommended to book flight deals and hotels separately. 

You can find out more about Gruppo UNA on our website, and we have a variety of magazine articles discussing all the beach destinations we offer. Take the time to discover more about holidays in Puglia, short breaks or multi-centre holidays in Sicily, or Naples coast vacations in our magazine, and plan your most memorable Italy beach holiday in September today.