Relax, relax and relax: your destination is Apulia

Holidays in Apulia – relaxing trips to the heel of Italy.

23 Jul 2019

Gruppo UNA

This part of Italy is breathtaking in its beauty and offers visitors everything you would expect from a  quintessential Italian city – without the crowds of tourists.

From the bustling port capital Bari to the baroque architecture of Lecce – heralded as the Florence of the South, Apulia consistently impresses with its own unique identity. A good thing to know in Apulia is that life moves slow, and it is a particularly relaxed affair, so embrace it! Find out the top places to visit in Apulia and why this region might be Italy's best kept secret and the key to your relaxing holiday in Italy this year.

Top places to visit in Puglia.

Apulia has everything you need for a relaxing break, from sumptuous southern Italian food to some stunning examples of ancient civilisation, glorious architecture and warm hospitality. There are many towns and cities in the region worth visiting, each offering a distinctly unique experience, so here is a list of the top places to head to when on a holiday in Apulia.


Known as the Florence of the South, Lecce is widely considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in Italy. The architecture of the city is famous for its specific Baroque style, known as Barroco Leccese, and ties the buildings together as one unified landscape.

Carved out of beautiful local stone, the ornate and intricate churches and lavish houses make a walk around the city a splendid activity to relax. Must-see locations include the Basilica di Santa Croce, a magnificent building in the centre with a facade containing detailed depictions of gargoyles, beasts, cherubs and dodos – the intricacies are exceptional, and the allegorical subject matter is as fascinating as it is strange.



This charming town is set between two hills and is well known for its whitewashed limestone huts that look like they come straight out of a fantasy book. These beautiful conical-roofed huts or 'trulli' are a Unesco World Heritage site and make for a wonderful photograph.

Take a walk through Rione Monti or Aja Piccola and admire the best examples in the world of corbelled dry-stone construction, a prehistoric building technique that uses no mortar. There are local crafts on sale as well as fantastic local restaurants and bars when you want to put your feet up and relax.


Castel del Monte.

 This 13th-century medieval castle and the fort is an incredible feat of mathematical ingenuity and genius architecture. Combining both European Gothic and Islamic Orient styles, this unique building makes the Unesco World Heritage list and sits atop a hillside in Andria. Its isolated location and the design that strives for astronomical precision and perfection makes it a dominating feature of the Apulian countryside. This unique building is worthy of a leisurely walk and provides fabulous views of the surrounding area.

Apulia holidays from the UK – how to get here.

The number of flights to Apulia is increasing all of the time from destinations all over Europe. Travelling from the UK is also very easy, with direct flights from most London airports flying to the two main airports in Apulia, Bari and Brindisi. Other major UK cities also offer direct flights including Manchester and Liverpool. 

Apulia hotel – where to stay.

When you are looking for accommodation in Apulia, it is a wonderful idea to embrace the culture of Puglia and stay in a rustic and traditional hotel during your stay. The hotel UNAHOTELS Regina Bari can be found within easy reach of Bari and combines all of the luxury and comfort of a modern hotel in a venue that draws inspiration from ancient Apulian villages. World-class facilities such as indoor and outdoor swimming pools as well as a wellness and fitness centre mean that when you have finished exploring, you can unwind in style after a long day.


The celebrated Noha restaurant will tick the boxes of any fan of authentic food, serving dishes inspired by traditional Italian and local Apulian food – a true taste of southern Italy. With outside dining, you can kick back and enjoy al-fresco dining, surrounded by olive trees – la dolce vita! The staff at Gruppo Una strive to make your holiday in Apulia a comfortable and memorable occasion and are ready to greet you with true Italian hospitality.

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