Procida: Why to Visit and What to See

Procida: Why to Visit and What to See

The island is set to be 2022 Italian Capital of Culture, the first time the award has gone to a village rather than a provincial or regional capital. Come with us to discover some of Procida’s must-see sights

17 Feb 2021

Gruppo UNA

Procida is blessed with some of Mediterranean architecture’s most significant buildings. Even from a distance, the first thing you’ll notice about Procida, an island that is not particularly touristy and therefore dripping with authenticity, is its colorful little houses. The island wears its beauty up-front, what with its fishermen, the deep blue sea and blue boats, lemon groves, hills and timeless villages. Here’s what you what you absolutely must see. 

Marina Grande and Via Roma

Sent ’Co (Sancio Cattolico), as the Procidans call it, is part of Procida’s main port, Marina Grande. This is the first place people see when they arrive on the island. Ferries and hydrofoils dock from the mainland and from Ischia; from here, you can get to the other parts of the island. On the left is Via Roma, Procida’s commercial and tourist hub, packed with stores, boutiques and craft shops that make for perfect shopping. It also hosts many of the island’s historical and religious buildings.

Marina Grande


Palazzo d’Avalos and Terra Murata 

Not least because of the majestic Palazzo D’Avalos, Terra Murata is the old heart of Procida, located at the centre of the island, almost 90 metres above sea level. The village here seems to have escaped the clutches of time. In fact, you enter through the village’s original gates, which lead in to narrow streets of houses packed closely together, with very few openings to the outside and unforgettable views out over the sea.

Palazzo d'Avalos


Casale Vascello

Casale Vascello is the best-preserved of the island’s casali, typical Procida clusters of houses that nestle around an internal courtyard, which became popular from the 1500s outside the old town, as a way of staying safe from Saracen raids. To wander around Casale Vascello is to walk into the past... something you will certainly not want to miss!

Marina della Corricella

Overlooking the sea like a little box of chocolates, Marina Corricella is the oldest fishing village on Procida, famous because it once served as a set for the movie “Il Postino”. A stroll through the village streets is a perfect chance to admire the fishermen’s colorful houses, with their typical “Vefi”, balconies surmounted by arches of Arab origin.

Marina della Corricella


What to eat in Procida

Procida’s dishes are a tasty blend of surf and turf. Anchovies, sea bass, gilthead, tunny and seafood, artichokes, aubergine, tomatoes and peppers and, above all, lemons, the pith of which is served up in salads (and, with the lemons, used to make the particularly-fragrant local drink of Limoncello). Make sure you try out traditional dishes like tortano con i carciofi, and coniglio alla procidana.

What to eat in Procida


Where to stay near Procida

Naples is an ideal place to stay because it is so well-placed for day trips to discover the islands. Just an hour away by boat, Procida is so easy to reach from the city of Naples. Your best bet for a truly unique weekend break is UNAHOTELS Napoli. Located in a historic building, it’s perfectly placed for making the most of authentic Neapolitan life, and just a stone’s throw away from the city’s top sights.