On a Journey of Discovery to Italy’s Five Finest Tea Rooms

On a Journey of Discovery to Italy’s Five Finest Tea Rooms

Bologna, a capital of tea and more. Discover Italy’s most famous tea rooms.

17 Feb 2020

Gruppo UNA

Thanks to its Tea Festival, Bologna has become Italy’s capital of this beverage. Tea is always in fashion in Italy, not just in Bologna but up and down the country: Italy boasts quite a number of amazing and evocative Tea Rooms. 
Let’s find out about some of the nation’s most famous and charming tea rooms. 

Mondo di Eutèpia – Bologna 

We begin our journey discovering Italy’s finest tea rooms in Bologna. 
Mondo di Eutèpia is a tea room in the heart of town. The “Eutèpia” name is half-invented, half-borrowed from the ancient Greek, and means “Good Place for Tea”. And that’s exactly what it is: a space to enjoy a peaceful pause and a cup of tea away from the city bustle. 
You’ll find all kinds of organic teas here: black, green, white, blue, red, Chinese, Japanese, Indian and African, as well as spices and herbal teas, sold loose as well as brewed for comfortable sipping in the tea room. 

Tea Room - Bologna


Where to stay in Bologna.

Ten minutes away from our tea room is the Gruppo UNA UNAHOTELS Bologna Centro, an excellent location to fully soak up the atmosphere of Bologna, perfect for heading to the Mondo di Eutèpia Tea Rooms and a tour around town.

UNAHOTELS Bologna Centro


Camellia-Il Tempo del Tè – Turin.

The name Camellia pays homage to the leaves and shoots of Camellia Sinensis, the wild plant originally from southwest China used to make a wide range of teas.
A few minutes from Piazza Castello, Camellia-Il Tempo del Tè serves fine leaf teas ranging from the great Chinese classics to Japanese delicacies, aromatic Indian brews to Sri Lankan teas, not forgetting herbal teas and infusions.
A wide assortment of items on offer greets you as soon as you walk into this charming tea room. All of the finest accessories for teamaking are here, a joy to the eyes and the heart: artistic pottery, books and decorations evoking far-off cultures and places.

Tea Room - Turin


Where to stay in Turin.

Take advantage of a weekend in Turin not just to visit Camelia-Tea Time but to discover the city’s wonders. We advise you to stay at the Gruppo UNA Principi di Piemonte | UNA Esperienze. Right in the heart of Turin, it makes the perfect base for visiting this magical city. 

 Principi di Piemonte | UNA Esperienze


Eastern Leaves - Milan.

Eastern Leaves, in Via Melloni, Milan, has a unique atmosphere thanks to furnishings reminiscent of Chinese plantations, handcrafted ceramics from Yixing and Jingdezhen, and furniture from Suyuan (all in China).
Eastern Leaves owns thirty hectares of wild tea plantation in Nannuo and the Pasha Mountains, uniquely blooming naturally in the undergrowth of a centuries-old high-mountain Yunnan forest. 
The resulting tea is completely organic; the tea-producers intervene as little as possible as the trees grow. In fact, they refer to themselves as “guardians of the wild forest” rather than farmers.

Tea Room - Milan


Where to stay in Milan. 

To quickly get to Eastern Leaves and visit the city of Milan, we recommend you stay at Gruppo UNA UNAHOTELS Century Milano, located in a strategic position for making the most of Milanese social life. 

Babington’s – Rome.

“Almost all roads lead to Rome. But absolutely every road in Rome leads to Piazza di Spagna. To the Spanish Steps. To Bernini’s fountain. The two Berninis, father and son. And then there’s Babington’s. And there’s a reason for that...” (Beniamino Placido - 1929-2010 - journalist, literary critic and Italian TV host). 
Founded in 1893, Babington’s is now run by the fourth generation of the family, having survived two wars, several economic recessions and even the advent of fast food. The place has always remained an institution of good taste, a high-society address where royal families and personalities from the world of culture hobnob.
The Tea Shop within the tea rooms sells teas from all over the world, as well as a variety of Babington’s signature blends, prepared using ingredients carefully selected by its tea tasters.

Tea Room - Rome


Where to stay in Rome.

Rome, the Eternal City, where every visit is like the first time, and every time the city deserves a full visit. What better place than Gruppo UNA UNAHOTELS Decò Roma, a comfy, refined hotel for enjoying all of Rome’s charms, a mere twenty-minute stroll from Piazza di Spagna and Babington’s. 



Yunnan – Naples.

Yunnan, on Via San Pietro a Maiella, is more than a tea room: it’s a whole experience carved out of tradition and culture, with terracotta teapots on wooden trays, exalting these leaves that come back to life simply by pouring water over them. 
In China, Yunnan is a southern region where more than twenty-five different ethnic groups live peacefully together, in perfect integration. Each group maintains its own traditions, religions, customs and consumption. The word Yunnan is Chinese for “South of the Clouds.”
Come to these tea rooms to discover “Gong Fu Cha”, the ancient Chinese tea ritual; take a virtual trip to the Rising Sun, sampling tea from the famous Japanese Yokode Kyusu, or to the Darjeeling area in northern India, which has as many as eighty-seven tea gardens. 
This charming shop often holds tea-tasting courses for people who’d like to find out more about this beverage, its rituals and traditions. 

Tea Room - Naples


Where to stay in Naples.

We suggest Gruppo UNA UNAHOTELS Napoli for a full Neapolitan visit. From here, it’s just a quick walk to reach Yunnan, enjoying many of Naples’ beautiful sights en route.