Not only Alps: 10 best Christmas market in Italian cities

Does Italy have Christmas markets? Of course, it does!

28 Nov 2019

Gruppo UNA

Have you ever considered visiting a Christmas market in Italy? If not, now could be the time to do so because, although less well-known than similar events elsewhere in Europe, Italy has a wealth of Christmas markets. Here are 10 of the best for you to consider:


Situated on the northeastern side of Italy, Ferrara is often overlooked by holidaymakers, who prefer to venture to the more well-trodden cities of the north. However, Christmas is Ferrara should not be overlooked, and the town is home to some charming markets during Yuletide. Head to the city centre for shows, family-friendly events, exhibitions and more local produce than you could shake a stick at.


One of Italy's oldest, the Christmas market in Bologna is particularly notable for its gastronomic offerings, including wonderful marzipan fruits and locally-produced nougat. The UNAHOTELS San Vitale Bologna is the perfect base from which to explore this city and its market.


Nowhere can be more Italian than Rome and, even at Christmas, this iconic city does not disappoint. UNAHOTELS Decò Roma is a comfortable and stylish place to stay whenever you choose to visit. It's also only around five minutes in a taxi from Piazza Navona, which is the location for what has to be one of the best Christmas markets in Italy. Dotted around the square's famous fountains are stalls selling everything from decorations to tasty edibles, as well as a variety of acrobats, musicians and other street performers.


Arena di Verona

For any fan of Romeo and Juliet, Verona is a real draw. Every December, its Piazza dei Signori transforms into an atmospheric fairy tale market, and it really is one of the Christmas markets in Italy you have to visit. A traditional, German-style market, with wooden chalets, classic handicrafts and seasonal edibles such as Stollen, Lebkuchen and mulled wine, it's a taste of Germany in the most Italian of surroundings.


As you might expect from such a stylish city, the Christmas market in Milan provides plenty of opportunities for shopping. However, the market, in Piazza Castello, is also one of Italy's oldest and most historic. Thought to date back to 1510, it began in homage to the city's patron saint. Nowadays it attracts as many tourists as locals, and Gruppo UNA offers an enticing selection of hotels in which to stay and enjoy the festivities.


Though not generally considered a winter city, the full-throttle Catholicism found in Naples makes their Christmas season suitably extra. Head down Via San Gregorio Armeno for all the fairy lights, nativities, boutique gift shops you can handle, before tucking into one of the traditional Napoli Christmas dishes. Think fried calzone and sweet mustacciuoli biscuits. UNAHOTELS Napoli is a great place to rest your head after a heavy day of Christmas-ing. 


This small, fairy-tale city perched atop of a rock cliff in Italy’s Umbria region looks suitably festive 12 months a year. However, during the months before Christmas, this otherwise overlooked holiday destination comes into its own. Visitors to Orvieto during December will find a number of small, boutique markets, including one in the Castle of Montegiove. Make sure you pick up some handmade mulled wine, the town is famous for it. Luckily, you won’t have far to stumble back to, UNAWAY Hotel Fabro is located just a few kilometres outside of the city centre. 


Inspired by festivities in Heidelberg, Florence's Christmas market in the city's Piazza Santa Croce enjoys a decidedly Germanic theme, right down to its beautifully-decorated and melodic carousel. Of course, both Florence and the surrounding Tuscan region have a welter of other attractions, in the form of art, architecture and scenery. UNAHOTELS Vittoria Firenze is well-located to help you make the most of all of these attractions as well as putting you in the right place to enjoy one of the top Christmas markets in Italy.


Christmas is Puglia is truly special. This southern region, famously located in the “heel of the boot”, comes alive during Yuletide and offers much for festive tourists to enjoy. The city of Bari, is gorgeous any time of year, with its narrow cobbled streets and rustic architecture. Head 30 minutes on the train to Polignano for a fantastic Christmas market in a non-touristy town, or walk along Bari seafront, where local vendors peddle handmade wares and snacks. In between both locales is UNAHOTELS Regina Bari, so revellers won’t have far to lug their presents too. 



Although it runs for only three weeks before its final day on Christmas Eve, Venice is one of the most festive Christmas markets in Italy. The atmospheric setting is the Campo Santo Stefano​, close to the Ponte dell'Accademia, which spans the Grand Canal​. Maison Venezia | UNA Esperienze​ is ideally situated for ensuring you make the most of both the market and all the other famous Venetian attractions.

Enjoy an Evocative Christmas in Italy.

Whether you fancy a bustling city or a mountain getaway, if reading this has left you impatient to immerse yourself in Christmas celebrations in Italy, why not browse Gruppo UNA to zero in on your perfect destination.