The art of drinks between cultural initiatives and house cocktails

Discovering Mediterranean and Japanese flavours

29 May 2022

When the working day draws to a close and even the last meeting has been put in the archives, there are few things as satisfying as a good cocktail to relax in the company of colleagues, friends or family: you can opt for a refreshing Mojito or a dry Gin Tonic, go for fruity solutions like the Piña colada or timeless classics like the Americano. The list is really long and those who are passionate about the subject know it well: there is no limit to the flavours that cocktails can give us as well as the moments to dedicate to a good sip, as long as it is of quality. The continual evolutions and new trends in the world of beverages do not escape the attention of the barmen of the UNA Esperienze, UNAHOTELS and UNAWAY hotels, who propose rich drink lists that are always up to date to satisfy every desire with the best products available.

Originality is an essential trait in the world of cocktails, which is why alongside the evergreen proposals Gruppo UNA venues offer unusual and stimulating mixes combined with food and wine and cultural initiatives. Would you like to find out what these are?


cocktail aperitif


Èspero: the new cocktail by Gruppo UNA           


In most of the chain’s bars you will not only find timeless classics such as the Negroni, Hugo or Manhattan, but also entirely new products designed especially for you such as the ACE, a tribute to international tennis, the Zagarò, the Volata and, from 5 June, our newest arrival, Èspero: a cocktail created in the splendid Tuscan setting with the aim of paying homage to the coming summer in the best possible way and is the fruit of the collaboration between bartender Daniele Muzi of the Hotel Versilia Lido | UNA Esperienze, Red Bull and brand ambassador Terry Monroe. It is a thirst-quenching mix with a citrus flavour and low alcohol content that will allow you to travel by taste and smell simply by ordering it in all the hotels of the chain. The Èspero is a cocktail that can be enjoyed at any time of day, although it releases the essences of its suave aromatic profile at its best during the aperitif. It is prepared by mixing London Dry Gin, Bitter Campari and Organics Bitter Lemon in a tumbler full of ice, closing with a garnish of lime slices and finally serving the remaining part of the soft drink on the side: impossible not to be refreshed and above all conquered.  


cocktail Èspero by Gruppo UNA


A Book at the Table: UNAHOTELS and Trenta Editore for food and wine culture


Literary culture and food and wine have always fed off each other, as witnessed by the large number of essays and books on the subject and events that bring the two worlds together. Gruppo UNA believes in this link and proposes various initiatives to bring its public closer to the gastronomic and literary dimension in a stimulating way, such as with ‘Un Libro a Tavola’, launched together with Trenta Editore. The idea is to make people discover fascinating readings by accompanying them with delicious dishes and cocktails with which to enhance the chapters of the books in a journey that finds its home in the fairy-tale location of UNAHOTELS Decò Roma, chosen to provide the ideal atmosphere thanks to its architectural design and Art Deco interiors. The last of the Un Libro a Tavola events is underway these days. Until 5 June, it is possible to taste cocktails inspired by the book ‘Guida il Sakè’.


Hanami sakè cocktail


‘A guide to sake’: a look at Japanese cocktails


Whether you are a fan of the Japanese world or have only skimmed it, the Guide to Sake will not leave you indifferent. You will be transported to the heart of Japan thanks to one of its most bewitching cultural symbols: the protagonist is Lorenzo Ferraboschi’s book of the same name, which helps you understand how to enjoy this drink by analysing it in an engaging way. Would you like a practical example? At the event you will be able to taste two cocktails that hark back to the cradle of sake: the first of them is the Adonis Revival, straight from the pages of Ferraboschi’s book, the other is an unreleased one created by barman Sinicropi called Hanami. If you are ready to enjoy unique drinks in a unique setting, this is an opportunity not to be missed.