Italian beaches in movies

The Italian beaches that made cinema history

Dreamscapes made famous the world over by great films

7 Jul 2023

Italian beaches and the scenery surrounding them have a special charm that is impossible to resist. This is also true for great film directors, who throughout history have used them as settings for their films.

Find out which Italian beaches in Italian and international films you have to visit this summer to feel like you are part of a classic movie.


Bagni Ausonia, a plunge into the 1960s


Travelling to discover the beauty that surrounds us and that lies within: this is the theme of Il sorpasso, the Italian film classic directed by Dino Risi and starring Vittorio Gassman and Jean-Louis Trintignant. 

The film follows the long journey that leads the two friends along the Aurelia, from Civitavecchia to Castiglioncello in Tuscany. It is here that the two-fall asleep, exhausted and happy, surrounded by the beautiful resort of Bagni Ausonia: a refreshing retreat where enchanting coves of fine sand are surrounded by the Maremma vegetation. 

After this plunge into the 1960s to discover one of the most famous cinema beaches, why not stay in nearby Lido di Camaiore? It is only an hour away and is home to the Versilia Lido | UNA Esperienze, equipped with a wellness centre and SPA to get back into shape and a restaurant with a wide gastronomic offer.


Ischia, the island of Jude Law and Matt Damon


The Talented Mr. Ripley is a true homage to the natural and architectural beauty of our country and was filmed in Rome, Anzio, Venice, Naples, Palermo and many other places. 

The main setting of the film is Ischia, which, thanks to the success of the 1999 film, became one of the most popular destinations for international tourism: in particular, it is its beach that bewitches viewers from all over the world. 


italian beaches in movies Ischia


The Lido di Ischia runs along the entire coastline and is characterised by shallow waters, making it an ideal destination for relaxing family holidays. In addition, you will find some of the trendiest clubs in Ischia.

If you want to explore the beach and all the beauty of this island and the surrounding areas, then you could stay a few days in Naples.

UNAHOTELS Napoli is the ideal choice, thanks to its strategic location that will allow you to discover all the secrets of the city. The hotel boasts refined rooms and the Vesuvio Roof Bar & Restaurant by “UNA cucina”, the restaurant where you can taste dishes prepared with seasonal ingredients while enjoying the Naples skyline. 


The Salento of Mine Vaganti


Ferzan Özpetek's Mine Vaganti is one of the stars of the 2010 Italian film season. The film tells the story of the Cantone family, allowing the viewer to immerse themselves not only in the dynamics of the bizarre family, but also in the landscapes of Salento and its enchanting sandy beaches.

Lecce, Otranto, Maglie and Gallipoli are the places on the Salento peninsula where the film is set, whose most famous scene is perhaps the protagonists' dance at Punta della SuinaGallipoli's beach offers fine sand and crystal-clear sea, but that's not all: walking along it one can distinctly smell the characteristic scent of thyme. 


italia beaches in movies salento


If you would like to discover this beach and all the other locations in the film, you could book a room at the Posia Retreat & SPA | UNA Esperienze, a modern facility located in Melendugno, in the heart of Salento. 

Just 500 metres away is the charming Mora Mora Beach. It is a private bay located between the Cesine WWF Oasis and the Grotta della Poesia, one of Salento's main attractions. Here you will find bistros and cocktail bars, as well as an expanse of white sand and transparent water. 

But that's not all: just a 15-minute drive from Posia is the Acaya Golf Club, the first golf club in all of southern Italy to receive the prestigious 5-star BVGA international classification. The 18-hole course offers spectacular features such as the waterfall located between holes 11 and 12. 


Salina Island, in the footsteps of Massimo Troisi


In 1994 Massimo Troisi, known for so many masterpieces such as Non ci resta che piangere, gave one of his most iconic performances as Mario Ruoppolo, the postman in charge of delivering letters to the poet Pablo Neruda. Il Postino is a classic of Italian cinema that is also remembered for the beautiful settings in which it is filmed, such as the island of Salina.

Salina is the highest of the Aeolian Islands, characterised by unspoilt nature and clear sea. In addition to the historic scenes in which Massimo Troisi pedals to deliver the mail, those who have seen the film will remember the beautiful beach shown on several occasions.


Italian beaches in movies Salina


This is the beach of Pollara, set inside an amphitheatre-shaped cliff and where the actor's home can still be found. Moreover, when the sun goes down, one can observe what is described as one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world.  

The port of Salina also pays homage to the film with the Massimo Troisi Promenade, where the bicycle used in the film is kept. On the island you will find the Ariana Isole Eolie | UNA Esperienze, a 4-star hotel located in a historic villa from the early 1900s.  


There are many Italian beaches in national and international cinema: visiting them is a special way both to discover beautiful places to spend a relaxing day and to retrace the stories of some of the classics of the seventh art.