Old cinemas, historic cafés, unexpected bathing establishments. Viareggio Liberty awaits you

8 Jul 2021

Gruppo UNA

Liberty style (or Art Nouveau) draws its inspiration from motifs from nature, such as flowers and plants, with  experimentation as one of its trump cards. From the architectural point of view, it has undergone different influences over time, as revealed in the oriental and Arabesque patterns, and it favours materials such as glass, stucco and concrete.

Why did it become so popular in Viareggio? From the late 19th century until today, the city has been a renowned tourist destination for the most important exponents from the world of art and architecture. Two illustrious figures in particular contributed to the spread of this style: the engineer Alfredo Belluomini (1892 – 1964) and the painter and ceramics artist Galileo Chini (1873 – 1956).

Let’s set off on our exploration of Liberty style in Viareggio with an itinerary dedicated to the key examples of this distinctive and fascinating artistic movement.

A pause between artists at the SuperCinema Savoia 

Not far from the pier in Viareggio you’ll find Piazza Campioni, where the SuperCinema Savoia stands: a rectangular-shaped building that originally housed the famous Caffè Savoia, a haunt of the intellectuals and artists of the time. It’s a building that will enchant and amaze you. 

Itinerary exploring Liberty Style in Viareggio


The Gran Caffè Margherita with its fascinating architecture

The Gran Caffè Margherita is one of the emblematic places of the city of Viareggio, and in addition to the splendid café, it now houses a restaurant and bookshop, too. You’ll love its bright, colourful domes and the colonnades with oriental-style designs that make it a striking and fascinating piece of architecture.

Bagno Martinelli: one of the most prestigious bathing establishments on the sea front

Transformed in 1929 into a Liberty building, this bathing establishment has been one of the jewels on the Viareggio promenade ever since, and has been designated a building of historical and artistic heritage by the Department of Cultural Heritage. Featuring a bulbous cupola with oriental shapes and decorative plasterwork, it is a perfect example of late Liberty style. The facade has recently been restored and the building is once more one of the most prestigious and admired on the Viareggio promenade.

Itinerary exploring Liberty Style in Viareggio


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