It doesn't need an expensive or lengthy trip.

15 Dec 2019

Gruppo UNA

There are heaps of fantastic coastal resorts in Italy, and this article focuses on the Amalfi coast which can be slightly warmer than seaside towns in the north and also offers the highest levels of daylight. With the sun rising before 8:00 am daily and setting around 5:00 pm, you'll have plenty of time to soak up the special sea-side atmosphere.

Why celebrate New Year by the sea in the Amalfi region?

If you haven't visited the Italian Amalfi coast before, some of the unmissable attractions include the city of Naples and the entire mountainous coastline up to Salerno. Great public transport links mean it's not essential to hire a car, and you can easily visit the picture postcard-perfect towns of Positano and Amalfi as well as the thriving city of Sorrento. What's more, the spectacular islands of Capri and Sirenusas are just a short boat ride away.

If you're contemplating celebrating your New Year's Eve in Italy, let Gruppo UNA be your guide to a very special festive celebration.

Amalfi Coastline

Planning your New Year's Eve sea 2020 holiday in Amalfi.

If you're wondering about local customs and traditions, here's our brief summary of how to spend New Year's Eve in the Amalfi coast and suggestions for some of the best things to do during New Year's in Italy:

The Amalfi coast is popular with visitors during spring and summer, but it's colourful, painted houses have a luminescent glow during winter. This visual impact is compounded by the bright Christmas and New Year decorations in all towns and villages. Even the tiny township of Atrani (pictured below) is transformed into a winter fairyland of light and animation throughout the festive season. 

Kick-off your New Year's Eve in Italy in style by participating in one of the countless parades taking place throughout the day and evening. The township of Ravello is renowned for its music, so if you're located close by why not join the processions in Ravello and listen to live folk music performed in the town centre? Alternatively, visitors to the Positano area will be absolutely entranced by the fireworks display over the sea and the magical festival held annually on the Positano beach. 

One essential New Year's custom for any visitor to the Amalfi region is to sport the brightest red underwear during your celebrations. This tradition is said to increase fertility and also ensure the greatest of good luck for the year ahead! What have you got to lose? 

Another popular custom throughout New Year's Eve in Amalfi and indeed the whole of Italy is to throw out old crockery, cooking implements and clothing. You may be surprised to hear the constant sounds of breaking crockery and china during any Amalfi New Year visit, but this is quite typical. The tradition dates back to the worldwide practise of throwing out the old as a way of ritual cleansing during New Year. Italians that don't have any goods to throw out into the street may well celebrate this tradition by banging pots and pans throughout the day! 

New Year dining on the Amalfi coastline.

Fine dining and great wines and liqueurs are at the heart of any Italian celebration, so it goes without saying that festive New Year gala meals will be a central part of an unforgettable Amalfi holiday experience. It's important to reserve a table for any New Year's Eve meal, and one of the most unmissable delicacies to try out is cotechino, a dried sausage and lentil dish. Another popular local dish for New Year is Risotto in Bianco, a white risotto dish. The grains of rice symbolises wealth and prosperity for the year ahead. 

Sparkling spumante wines will be the best accompaniment to any New Year feast. The mountainous vineyards of the Amalfi region are famed for the production of some of the world's finest wines, including the sparkling red Fragnano and Terre del Principe.