The globe's leading cinematic talent, on a breathtaking stage.

28 Aug 2019

Gruppo UNA

The period of the Film Festival (this year, 2019, 28th August to 7th September) is the ideal time to pay Venice a visit. 

If you do plan to visit during the Festival, Gruppo UNA can provide luxury accommodation in keeping with the occasion. Our Maison Venezia | UNA Esperienze hotel is located at the centre of Cannaregio, putting guests within easy reach of the major venues, and everything else that Venice has to offer.

Maison Venezia | UNA Esperienze

We're always ready to make guests comfortable and help them have a fantastic time. But if you're still unsure about whether to spend some time in Venice, here are 5 reasons why you should make a booking as soon as possible.

1. Get close to the stars as they attend Premieres.

Although the surrounding glitter with magic and beauty, the real attraction of the Film Festival is its ability to attract huge names in the showbiz world.

In 2018, the event saw first showings of movies by the Coen Brothers, Yorgos Lanthimos, and Alfonso Cuaron, many of which then starred at the Oscars. Stars like Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, Natalie Portman, and Willem Dafoe all attended, adding their presence to a dazzling event,

This year, guests can expect a galaxy of new releases (many of which can be booked and attended by members of the public). Numerous venues around the Venice Lido will roll out the famous red carpet, and welcome Hollywood's finest, showcasing the latest art-house films and blockbusters alike.

If you love film, want to hunt for autographs, or just see the stars you love in the flesh, a visit during Festival period will be unforgettable. It's not like Cannes, either, where stars tend to keep their distance. At Venice, they mingle, chat, and get to know their audience, creating a unique atmosphere.

2. Mixing film watching and sight-seeing is easy.

One of the great things about Venice's Film Festival is that all of the venues are a short Vaporetto ride away from the centre of town. And while you make your way to the cinemas and red carpets, it's easy to stop off at iconic tourist attractions, to tour all of the palaces and churches that Venice has to offer.

Early September is a great time to head to the Piazza San Marco and Venice's gorgeous Byzantine-influenced cathedral. Summer crowds won't be thick, and you'll be able to spend time absorbing the visual delights and solemnity of the location.

S. Marco in Venice

Visitors can tour the Doge's Palace, with its paintings by Tintoretto, they can cross the romantic Rialto Bridge, and take the lift to the summit of the soaring Campanile, obtaining astonishing views across the lagoon.

3. Festival Time is a wonderful time for a romantic break.

If you're planning a trip abroad with your partner, Venice in the late summer and early autumn is surely among the finest candidates. And the chance to see global movie stars just sweetens the deal.


Book a few seats for films starring the actors that your partner adores, and surprise them with an envelope full of showings when you arrive at the Maison Venezia | UNA Esperienze.

Take a gondola ride along the Grand Canal, watching the city unfold its charms, as you progress through the city, and over to the Lido venues. And why not pop a Prosecco cork or two as you go?

After the screenings are done, no city is as romantic as Venice. Walking arm in arm, cosying up at superb restaurants, and letting nightfall as you return to your hotel is a spellbinding experience.

4. The weather during festival time is ideal.

Aside from the screenings, stars, tourist attractions, and atmosphere, the period of the Venice Film Festival is simply a fantastic time to be in the city.

Early September sees temperatures hovering somewhere around 23-25 degrees centigrade, so you'll avoid the intense heat of mid-summer. And it won't rain much, with an average of 9 days where any rain falls during September.

The evenings won't be too chilly in the early part of the month, so watching sunsets and enjoying the Venetian twilight won't be uncomfortable. All-in-all, it's hard to imagine a more appealing time to visit.

5. Mix the Film Festival with the Regata Storica

Films aren't the only things that excite Venetians during early September. In fact, there's a much older tradition for visitors to enjoy: the Regata Storica.

Regata Storica, Venice

Taking place on the Grand Canal, the Regata takes place on 1st September. It's a sensual feast, with brightly decorated vessels, competitive racing, constant music, and pageantry that re-enacts the glorious history of the city.

So why not mix up film-going with regata-watching? At Gruppo UNA, we're ready to help you enjoy everything there is to see and do in Venice this Festival period, and we're sure you'll have an incredible time.