Rooms & Suites

9 solutions with private services

Luxury Villa Manin Viareggio | UNA Esperienze is ideal for group stays and for organising special events. With more than 500 square metres indoors and 300 outdoors, nine rooms including two suites it is the perfect place to host large families and groups of friends, guaranteeing everyone their own privacy, comfort and harmony. The scent of the sea that drifts in through the windows provides an extra touch of natural wellness during your stay.

The Villa

The main building comprises nine rooms, including two suites, each with private bathroom; there are further bathrooms on the ground floor, a double lounge, a spacious kitchen with dishwasher and microwave oven, a flat-screen TV and air conditioning, making it ideal for large families and groups of friends, ensuring that each one has the privacy, comfort and harmony they need.