Women’s Day

Women’s Day: Ideas for a Weekend Away with Friends in Italy

This year, why not give yourself the gift of a trip on International Women’s Day.

7 Feb 2020

Gruppo UNA

Every now and then, we need a break from the routine, and there’s no better time for this than the weekend of March 8th to relax and have fun away with your friends. 
A girl’s weekend away, full of heart-to-heart chats, confessions and sharing. 
If you don’t know where to go, here are our suggestions for a fabulous girls’ weekend away. 

Bologna and the San Petronio Spa.

If what you are looking for is a fun and relaxing trip, Bologna is the right place for you. From art to shopping, in Bologna you’ll find everything you need for a weekend away with friends. All in all, Bologna’s arcades run for about 40 km throughout the city, making them the longest in the world: a perfect opportunity to keep fit while shopping!
Take a stroll through the medieval old town, one of the largest and best-preserved in Europe, and you’ll happen upon countless bars, taverns, theatres and shops.
As if that weren’t enough, the San Petronio Spa is located right in the city centre and, in addition to offering Spa, Wellness and Beauty facilities, it gives you the chance to enjoy an entire evening of relaxation and wellness on one of its “Blue Nights”. On the weekend, you can even enjoy the spa’s services until midnight!

SPA with friends


Where to stay in Bologna?

Gruppo UNA UNAHOTELS Bologna Centro makes an ideal base for exploring the city. Located in the heart of Bologna, it is also less than ten minutes away from Terme San Petronio. Come here and enjoy your friends, comfort and trademark Italian charm. 

UNAHOTELS Bologna Centro


Milan and its shopping streets.

If your favourite pastimes are shopping, shopping and more shopping, there’s only one place to go: Italy’s capital of fashion! Milan is abuzz with boulevards and alleyways lined with shops of all kinds, where even your most secret desires can be catered to. 
Branching off from Piazza Duomo to San Babila, Corso Vittorio Emanuele offers something for everyone. Certainly one of Milan’s busiest streets, with its bars, trendy boutiques, restaurants, galleries, cinemas and shops it has been one of the most popular and prestigious shopping streets in Milan for over thirty years. It’s our very own Italian Fifth Avenue!
Via Montenapoleone is the most luxurious shopping street in Milan, perhaps even in the whole world. Home to salons belonging to the most prestigious high fashion houses, with Via Pietro Verri, Via della Spiga and Via Sant’Andrea it is part of the “Quadrilatero della Moda”. 

Shopping with friends


Where to stay in Milan? 

To comfortably enjoy a day out shopping and still be at the heart of Milanese nightlife, we recommend booking in at Gruppo UNA Maison Milano | UNA Esperienze. Located a stone’s throw from the Duomo, it is the ideal place to explore the city of Milan with friends. 

 Maison Milano | UNA Esperienze


Rome and the National Museum of Arts – MAXXI.

Our suggestions could certainly not skip the Eternal City. Packed with artistic and cultural beauty, Rome is always a great destination, even for those who have been there before. 
For your “women-only” weekend away, why not organize a tour of Rome’s main attractions? From a trip to Villa Borghese Park, filled with umbrella pines, footpaths and trotting horses, to discovering the city’s famous squares, basilicas and fountains, all the way down to the imposing Colosseum… 
For your March 8th among friends, we suggest visiting the famous National Museum of XXI Century Arts which, to mark International Women’s Day, is hosting the final day of its exhibition “Della Materia Spirituale Dell’Arte”, which investigates the theme of the spiritual through the gaze of contemporary art, while also exploring Rome’s ancient history.

National Museum of Arts – MAXXI


Where to stay in Rome? 

To experience all of Rome’s charm, we suggest you stay at the Gruppo UNA UNAHOTELS Decò Roma. Located right in the historic centre of the Eternal City, this hotel is incredibly well-placed for the MAXXI Museum, which is just a few kilometres away.



Versilia All Night Long 

Forte dei Marmi, Marina di Pietrasanta and Viareggio for a weekend of music and fun among women. 
A set for films and novels, Versilia is a perfect place to go wild in some of Tuscany’s most famous nightclubs, such as the Capannina in Forte dei Marmi, the Seven Apples in Marina di Pietrasanta, and the Maki Maki in Viareggio. 
For March 8th, the Jenco Theatre in Viareggio is putting on the great classic “Romeo and Juliet” revised and updated by Andrea Kaemmerle, Anna Di Maggio and Silvia Rubes. In “Romeo e Giulietta stanno bene! Amore contro tempo” the protagonists did not die, they lived on and now face all of the daily challenges of living together, work, old age and modern life. It’s a fun chance to laugh about the sufferings of love with your friends!

Versilia with friends


Where to stay in Versilia?

Forte dei Marmi is the most strategic place for easy access to Marina di Pietrasanta and Viareggio. For this reason, we recommend you stay at Gruppo UNA Versilia Lido | UNA Esperienze, an elegant structure overlooking Italy’s most exclusive coastline. 

 Versilia Lido | UNA Esperienze