Vacation in Italy in September: 8 fantastic reasons to visit

A good time for the beaches as well as for the art-cities.

20 Sep 2019

Gruppo UNA

Avoiding high season local crowds, as well as congested tourist attractions and beaches, are two of the main reasons for opting to travel to Italy in September.

We're going to explore eight more brilliant reasons for travelling to Italy in September below, and you can also check out our Gruppo UNA magazine for some useful travel tips for Italy in September and throughout the entire year.   

Italian lake during autumn

1. Italian weather can be glorious through September.

If you're questioning what the weather is like in Italy in September, you'll be delighted to learn it can have amazing hot days alongside cooler nights. The temperature peaks in Italy in August, and by September the cooler autumn weather takes its place. This doesn't mean you can't still enjoy beach holidays, though. September is a brilliant month to visit Italy because the slightly cooler temperatures make active holidays far more enjoyable.

Whether you enjoy hiking, biking, popular water sports, or plan to visit some of Italy's famed attractions and monuments, September can be one of the best months for your holiday. For example, visitors to Florence are likely to experience average temperatures of around 23°C at the beginning of September, and this drops to approximately 19°C by the end of the month. 

In general, you can expect September temperatures in the north of Italy to average from 13-24°C, in the central region temperatures are between 18-27°C, while the south of Italy is still basking in temperatures from 21°C and up to around 27°C.  Use these temperatures as a guideline if you're wondering what to pack to vacation in Italy in September.

2. Holidays are less expensive.

As can be seen, temperatures still remain high in southern Italy through September, yet popular resorts can struggle to attract holidaymakers. This makes an Italian beach holiday an extremely affordable solution for many travellers, and also eliminates the warm, sticky nights that can cause sleep problems for many people who are not accustomed to hotter climates.  

Italian beach in september

3. September means Venice Film Festival or the Venice Storica Boat Regatta.

In Venice, the International Film Festival generally begins at the end of August, running into early September, so it's easily possible to run into A-list celebrities while visiting the city during September. The Regatta Storica is also an exciting September day out in Venice, featuring boat races on the Grand Canal and lots of local celebrations and events throughout the entire week. The 2019 Regatta Storica takes place on the first of September and features a number of boats with designs dating back to the 16th century. 

4. Italian festivals abound throughout the month of September.

September is the month for lots of culinary festivals throughout Italy, as locals celebrate the bounties of the harvests. Culinary delicacies to look out for include arancini, a stuffed fried rice ball, which is also the subject of the Sagra dell'Arancino three day festival in Sicily. 

5. Wine festivals galore!

Although wine is produced across most of Italy, the September wine festivals in Tuscany are particularly noteworthy. The time of the grape harvesting is known as Vendemmia, and making the new wines is celebrated in style in the hilltop villages and towns throughout the region. The Sicilian Festa della Vendemmia is held towards the end of September to mark the end to the wine-making season. The 2019 Festa della Vendemmia takes place from the 20th to the 22nd of September in Piedimonte Etneo, and is a great excuse for spending lots of time tasting the fruits of the vine!

6. Seasonal produce.

Italy has a deserved reputation for some of the best local delicacies and cuisine, and September can be one of the best months for sampling the freshest local produce as soon as it's harvested. Freshly pressed olives, new wines, bountiful crops, and unforgettable truffles are just some of the delicacies on offer. Local food festivals feature in all Italian regions throughout September, so it's well worth researching your destination prior to any vacation. 

7. Fall trees begin their dramatic autumn displays.

Autumn marks the end of the summer, and visiting Italy in late September means you'll get to appreciate the colours of the trees and foliage in your destination. Tuscany is considered one of the most beautiful autumn destinations in Italy, as the quality of light is superb and the region offers such a varied landscape. 

8. Tourism in Italy in September is booming

You'll discover some of the best Italian tours in September, whether you're seeking a multi-centre stay in the Tuscany region, or opting for a sunshine beach holiday in Sicily. Popular tour operators offer September tours tailored to visitor requirements, from Classical Italy Tours to Tailored Adventure Tours. However, it's just as easy to customise your holiday to meet your needs more exactly. This is particularly true when you opt to stay in Gruppo UNA hotels, as our customer service team will be happy to help arrange day trips or suggest the best places to visit at any of our destinations.

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