Vacation between the sea and nature in the Versilia Riviera

Versilia holidays: take a break between the sea and nature.

13 Feb 2019

Known for its sweeping sandy beaches and mountainous backdrop, the Versilia Riveria is an elegant destination surrounded by incredible natural beauty. The combination of the seaside, tradition, culture and outdoor adventure means that Versilia holidays are unique and memorable experiences.

Vacation by the sea in Tuscany.

The Versilia Riviera is a very special location which offers a holiday by the sea as well as a stunning backdrop in the form of the Apuan Alps. The limestone mountains have a dramatic blue and white appearance, and an extensive system of caves, lakes and sleepy mountain villages make it a wonderful place to explore. You can go hiking on several tracks and enjoy views over the entire Riviera and out to the sea. The Corchia Underground Park is a complex of caves and galleries underneath the mountains where you can explore the Stalactites Gallery and the Fossil Forest.

Enjoy elegant beach towns in Tuscany.

The beach towns in this part of Tuscany are where many Italians choose to go on holiday - so you know this is a good spot. From Marina di Carrara to Viareggio, the entire coastline of the Versilia Riviera is dotted with elegant towns featuring postcard-perfect, classic white buildings with terracotta rooftops. The towns combine historical architecture and art with cool modern cafes and shops.

Versilia holidays in Forte dei Marmi.

Forte dei Marmi is a chic town famed for its weekly markets where clothing, including cashmere pieces, and antiques can be found. Built around an ancient fortress, the town also features a pier dating back to the 1800s; take a stroll in the sea air and take in the full beauty of the mountains on your way back to shore. The Ugo Guidi Museum in the town displays over 600 marble pieces of work by the local sculptor.

Holiday by the sea at Versilia.

To the north is the city of Carrara, which is known around the world for its white marble production. You can visit the incredible quarries where the Romans procured marble to build their ancient structures and statues. In the 16th century, Michelangelo used the local marble to create his world-famous sculptures, including David, which is now displayed in the Academy of Florence Art Gallery.

To the south of the Riviera is the Parco Regionale Migliarino, an area of natural beauty where you can go canoeing, horse riding, or enjoy a walk along a nature trail. To the east of the park is the city of Pisa, which makes for a wonderful day trip to take in the famous sights, such as the Cathedral and the Leaning Tower.

Explore the history of Versilia.

This region has been a holiday destination for centuries, and there are several historical examples still visible. The Palazzo Mediceo in Seravezza is a UNESCO World Heritage site - it was originally a summer holiday home of the Medici family. On the shore of the Massaciuccoli lake, Massaciuccoli Romana is an archaeological site which was also once a summer holiday home, this time belonging to the Venulei family. The site includes a thermal bath with a beautiful mosaic tile design.

Versilia holiday resorts.

Many of the towns along the coast have a historic centre inland towards the mountains and then stretch out towards the sea, down to their own parts of the beach. Camaiore is known for its cast iron artists who worked in local forges. You can visit the Barsi iron factory to learn about the history of the craft in this area. Pietrasanta is an artistic town and an international centre for art. From the exquisite architecture to the outdoor sculptures and art galleries around the town, this is a wonderful living collection for art lovers.

Versilia holidays - find your dream hotel.

Holidays in Versilia provide so much to do and see in a relatively small, yet unbelievably impressive area of Italy. From the sea to the mountains, dotted with beautiful, ancient towns with fascinating architecture and history, Versilia is boundlessly unique. Beach hotels in Tuscany offer stunning views and an unbeatable feeling of peace. Versilia Lido | UNA Esperienze offers modern apartment accommodation surrounded by nature, and you can escape here to relax in utter bliss. Located on the coast overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea, the Versilia Lido boasts fine dining and picturesque views as well as a relaxing spa and wellness centre plus indoor and outdoor swimming pools.

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