Summer bank holidays: touch and run to the Italian lakes

The perfect summer bank holiday destination.

2 Aug 2019

Gruppo UNA

How little the Lakes have changed over the past 150 years or so, meaning contemporary travellers will still discover the same pretty villages, romantic landscapes and graceful buildings on visits to the Lakes in northern Italy today.

Our brief guide provides more reasons to book your next summer holiday to the Italian Lakes, and the helpful customer service team at Gruppo UNA will be more than happy to discuss essential hotel reservations and things to do in the locality if needed. 

About holidays to the Italian Lakes.

The Italian Lakes are a popular draw for international tourists, particularly Lake Garda, which can become very busy in peak summer. The most important of the lakes are Lake Lugano, Lake Maggiore, Lake Como, and, of course, Lake Garda, and they are all fed by the rushing mountain streams from the Alpine surrounds. Some of the minor lakes include Lake Orta and Lake Iseo, along with plenty of mountain lakes set in the higher reaches of this spectacular area.

Some of the most beautiful lake-side locations to visit include Bellagio, which is by Lake Como, and is often termed the "most beautiful town in Italy", and Stresa, the popular Lake Maggiore resort which features a variety of Art Nouveau buildings and the unmissable Borromean Islands, with their historic palaces and exotic gardens. 

Lake Maggiore, Italy

What to do in summer in the Italian Lakes.

Visiting the Italian Lakes in August may mean being there in the peak summer holiday season, but you'll discover lots of things to do in the area and the spectacular Alpine surrounds. The weather won't feel too hot due to cooling mountain breezes. Whether you enjoy hiking, water sports, mountain biking, or simply relaxing in a sunny village piazza with a cup of coffee while people-watching or reading a good book, an Italian lake holiday will serve everyone. 

There are also lots of popular events throughout the summer season in the Italian Lakes, including:

  • Italian Lakes summer concerts in Lake Garda, Lake Como and other nearby areas
  • Village fiestas, carnivals, fireworks shows, or local art exhibits
  • Stresa Festival, which takes place from June until September

Italian lake

How to get to the Italian Lakes for the August summer bank holiday 2019.

Flights from the UK to this part of northern Italy only take about 140 minutes, so you really can touch down and run to the Italian Lakes for just a couple of days at the end of August 2019. Of course, there's nothing to stop you taking a far more leisurely holiday in the area, either!

You'll find that Milan Malpensa Airport is most handy for trips to the Lake Maggiore area, as it's less than ten miles away. It's also a good airport if you're travelling to the Lake Orta or Lake Como areas. Several airlines offer flights into Milan from London, Birmingham, Manchester, and other regional airports. These include EasyJet, Alitalia, BA, and Ryanair, so you should be able to find affordable flights at convenient times. Some of the other local airport destinations include Bergamo Orio al Serio, Brescia, and Verona. 

Getting around the Italian Lakes in August.

Hiring a car is the ideal way to travel during your summer holiday to the Italian Lakes, but there are also plenty of public transport links, including rail links from Milan to the lakes, and buses direct to various destinations, such as Stresa, Malpensa, Como, and Lugano.

What about accommodation for my summer trip to the Italian Lakes?

If spending time near or on the Italian lakes is supposed to be the central focus of your holiday in Italy, finding a hotel that gives you easy access to these incredible natural attractions is important. 

Gruppo UNA hotels close to the some of the top lake destinations include our elegant UNAHOTELS Varese, set in the foothills of the Alps. Visiting the Italian Lakes in August is the most perfect way to end the summer, but they can be a spectacular holiday destination at any time.  Why not get in contact to find out more and discuss the benefits of booking with Italy's premier hotel brand for your bank holiday jaunt to the Italian Lakes?