Naples Scudetto party

Famous football sites in Naples

What to visit on the occasion of the third Scudetto triumph

20 May 2023

The Scudetto won by Luciano Spalletti's Napoli was one of the most important sporting events of the year.

Even those who are not regular football fans were able to see the images of the preparations and decorated streets, but above all of the great celebration that took place in Naples, a city that has always lived from the sport, with which it has a very special relationship.

The celebrations began on 4 May, the day on which, thanks to the draw in Udine, Napoli mathematically became champions of Italy, but the official date scheduled for the Scudetto celebration is 4 June. The city will continue to show its joy and satisfaction for the coming months.

The team's extraordinary sporting adventure has turned the spotlight back on Naples, a city that has always made beauty and colours its calling card: discover the places to visit and the places where the most authentic football soul resides.


Naples Maradona stadium


Maradona Stadium


One can only start at the Diego Armando Maradona stadium, formerly the San Paolo stadium, which hosts the team's home matches. This place is the heart of football in Naples, and it is no coincidence that it will be the epicentre of the Scudetto celebration that will take place on 4 June. A huge stage will be set up inside the stadium, where the players and various members of the club will parade, as well as singers and showbiz personalities.


The Spanish Neighborhoods


The Spanish Neighborhoods are a focal point of the Azzurri supporters and the city of Naples: they represent its most popular and authentic side, a sort of visiting card for those who really want to experience the capital of Campania. Here, on Via Emanuele De Deo, stands the famous Maradona mural, where many fans gather during matches. Near the Neighborhoods is also Via Toledo, one of the main arteries of Naples.


naples spanish neighborhoods


The Rione Sanità  


The Rione Sanità is another neighbourhood to visit when it comes to football sites in Naples. It is one of the most popular areas of the city, where the great artistic heritage is flanked by a strong component of Azzurri supporters. In March 2023, a new ten-metre mural depicting Maradona was inaugurated here, created by the neighbourhood's inhabitants and shopkeepers.


Piazza Plebiscito 


The SSC Napoli fans undoubtedly pass through Piazza Plebiscito, famous for the presence of the Basilica of San Francesco, the Palazzo della Prefettura and because the many fans who gather here have the habit of bathing in the nearby Fontana del Carciofo. 

It is precisely in Piazza Plebiscito that the official Scudetto celebration will take place on 4 June, at the same time as the Maradona Stadium, for which a live TV broadcast and 14 big screens located throughout the city and province are also planned.


Piazza Dante


Piazza Dante is one of the ideal places to visit to experience the footballing soul of Naples. It is one of the best-connected areas of the city and therefore a destination for many onlookers and fans. Various public events take place throughout the year in the centre of the square, which you can reach from both the Quartieri Spagnoli and Vomero.


Piazza del Mercato


Piazza del Mercato is one of Naples’ historic squares, so called because it was transformed by the Angevins from an irregular square into the centre of the city's commerce. Today it is a very busy area and a historic hot spot for Neapolitan supporters. If you pass through here, you will most likely find a large section of Azzurri supporters in the coming weeks and months.  


Naples unahotels Napoli


Just 1 km from Piazza del Mercato is UNAHOTELS Napoli, the ideal place to stay for a few days in the city: in fact, it boasts a prestigious location just a few steps from the Central Station. Moreover, the Vesuvio Roof Bar & Restaurant by "UNA cucina" will delight you with traditional Neapolitan dishes prepared with seasonal ingredients.


Belvedere di San Martino


You could end your "calcio azzurro" tour with the Belvedere di San Martino, located in the Vomero area and offering a unique view of Naples. People often gather here during events, football or otherwise, and if you happen to be in town during the festivities, you could enjoy the unique spectacle of the capital lit up by the festivities.


Naples is a city well known for its artistic beauty, gastronomy and electric atmosphere all year round, but it is above all a city that loves football very deeply. If you have never been there, or if you want to experience it in a new and perhaps unrepeatable way, summer 2023 is the ideal time.