Italy in Autumn: 5 amazing places to visit in September, October or November

Holidays in Italy during autumn can be an unexpectedly wonderful experience.

27 Sep 2019

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1. Tour of some of Italy's best-known cities and attractions: Why not consider Rome, Venice and Florence?

The outstandingly beautiful cities of Rome, Venice, and Florence offer visitors an amazing glimpse of Italian history through the ages, and there's no better time for a visit than autumn. In truth, the same can be said about all the main tourist destinations, and canny travellers have long recognised that autumn is the best time to visit Italy.

It's not just that Rome, Florence, and Venice are packed with tourists during the summer heat, or perhaps a little too chilly in winter months. It's also a fact that clear skies, a hint of ground mist rising from the hills or pastures, and the glorious autumn foliage colours create incredible views and photo images, giving holidaymakers memories to treasure for years after a dream trip to Italy.    

2. The Italian Alps.

Italy is blessed with some of the most stunning mountain ranges in the world, and once the summer hikers have disappeared, the Alps tend to be some of the most overlooked, secret autumn holiday destinations in Italy. You can opt for a variety of mountain ranges, including the Dolomites or the Alps in the Piedmont region. All of these areas will be virtually free of daytrippers and hikers, so you can be at one with the spectacular fall landscapes that surround you. 

Dolomiti, Italy

3. Hit the Italian beaches for some autumn fun in the sun

The Italian beach resorts are immensely popular in spring and summer, but visiting in autumn can be one way to score an affordable autumn sun break.  You'll find daytime temperatures between 25-30 degrees Celcius in some of the beach resorts in the south of Italy through September and October, while the northern Italian Riviera does tend to be a little cooler, averaging around 20-23 degrees celsius.

Italian beach at sunset

4. Milan

If you've never visit.ed Milan before, autumn can be one of the best times to explore the city. Of course, Fashion Week takes place in September, so you can expect the city centre to be thriving with activity into the early hours. If you prefer a quieter period of exploration then visiting Milan in October is a good way to learn more about this busy city centre, while skipping the crowds and queues at all attractions. 

5. Visit Tuscany to enjoy the fruits and produce of Italy's plentiful harvests 

 Finally, we had to plump for Tuscany as one of the top places to visit in Italy during autumn. There's so much to see and do in the region; whether you opt to spend a day or so visiting some of the swish Italian Riviera resorts, explore Pisa or Florence, or simply want to meander around checking out some of the popular Tuscan vineyards and local harvest festivals.  

What to wear in autumn in Italy.

Packing your suitcase for any autumn trip to Italy can be a little hit and miss, as it really does depend on your destination. You should anticipate the likelihood of some rain during any visit, so it's important to pack a light waterproof coat or jacket, but you'll find that daytime temperatures in all regions of Italy in autumn tend to be higher than in the UK and northern Europe. Ideally then, pack your suitcase with the essentials needed for warm spring or hot Indian summers in the UK, but don't forget to ensure you take along some sensible walking shoes or hiking boots as it's often the feet that suffer most from exploring city destinations or hiking in the mountains or fields. 

Where to stay for your autumn vacation?

If you'd like to discuss your autumn holiday in Italy with one of our experts, don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We're happy to handle any special guest requests and are constantly striving to be the best hospitality provider in Italy.

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