Finish Off Your Summer in Taormina: Reasons to Visit the City in September

Finish Off Your Summer in Taormina: Reasons to Visit the City in September

Sicily is the ideal place to go enjoy the final dips (and more) of the summer season, especially at one of its most beautiful cities...

25 Aug 2020

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“To a man who has but one day to spend in Sicily and asks, ‘What is there to see?’, I’d answer: ‘Taormina’.” This quip, made without a moment’s hesitation, was from eminent French author Guy De Maupassant, and we can only agree with him when it comes to the beauty of this city on the east coast of the island, loved by VIPs and ordinary folk alike, revealing its many souls to its visitors whether they be the sharp and chic, ordinary tourists, culturally-inclined or even wild. No wonder Taormina’s such a perfect destination for any kind of holiday or vacation. 
Here in Taormina, the air smells of orange blossom, the beaches are gorgeous, and round every corner some little detail will steal your heart. If you’d like to treat yourself to a weekend by the seaside in September, or in fact any time of year, this is the destination for you. 

The sea: always blue and crystal-clear.

One of Italy’s best-loved coastlines for tourists and locals alike, Taormina is a seaside resort renowned for its fine sandy beaches. Well-equipped bathing establishments benefit from crystal-clear waters and picture-perfect scenery in this Sicilian jewel.
Taormina’s most popular beaches are Isola Bella, Mazzeo and Mazzarò. At this time of year, when they slowly empty of tourists and bathers, they become a perfect destination for a little healthy R&R under the warm September sun. If you have the time, make sure you head south from Taormina to tiny Giardini Naxos and its famous coastline.

 Isola Bella - Taormina


Renowned local cuisine.

Swordfish rolls, caponata, nzuddi, cuzzole, pasta alla norma... Taormina boasts a rich and varied culinary heritage, showing evident signs of the passage of Greeks, Arabs, Normans, the French and Spanish through here. Today a mass tourist destination, Taormina has retained more than its fair share of first-rate restaurants and trattorias. There’s something for every budget, from a large number of starred, high-end restaurants to fabulous street food and gourmet snacks like the classic arancino rice ball stuffed with meat sauce, salmon, ham or pistachio, and yummy brioche served with ice cream or granita. Just pick the time of day!
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The theatre and baroque beauty.

You have to climb high to discover Taormina’s authentic beauty, given that this stunning town sits atop a 206-metre-high escarpment against a unique backdrop of natural beauty. Lose yourself in its central streets and bump into its artistic and architectural attractions redolent of its past, and the history of the people who have lived here. Start with the stunning Ancient Greek Theatre (for years, home to the Taormina Film Festival). Built by the Ancient Greeks who in the 7th century BC founded the colony of Naxos at the foot of the hill on which the ancient theatre stands, restored by the Romans, after the Ancient Greek Theatre in Syracuse it is the second largest in Sicily. Seeing is believing!
Next, move on to Palazzo Corvaja, in Piazza Vittorio Emanuele (adjacent to Corso Umberto). This magnificent example of 15th- and 16th-century art is today home to the Sicilian Museum of Art and Popular Traditions. Also well worth a visit is the Rococo Church of San Giuseppe, overlooking the characteristic Piazza IX Aprile; the belvedere here offers spectacular views over the entire coastline (and makes an enviable Instagram spot).

Ancient Greek Theatre

Church of San Giuseppe


Where to stay in Taormina in September.

We recommend UNAHOTELS Capotaormina to guarantee an unforgettable stay and immediately immerse yourself in the town’s magical atmosphere. Located in an ideal position for getting to know Taormina and its surroundings, the hotel offers its guests an elegant and charming retreat on this beautiful Sicilian coastline. Guests also benefit from a private beach, wellness centre and salt water swimming pool.

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