Checking in and out of your hotel: some travel tips for Italy

Some tips for your next travel.

18 Apr 2019

Your Italian holiday is booked and you're looking forward to relaxing the Gruppo UNA way. Whether you are staying in a city-centre hotel that's perfect for exploring the historic and architectural heritage of Italy or soaking up the sunshine on a Sicilian beach, you'll want to maximise the time spent enjoying yourself. Our tips on how to check in and check out of hotels in Italy will help you do just that.

Before you check in... 'check out' our hotels. Gruppo UNA consists of three hotel groups. Each has something slightly different to offer, while all three offer you a true taste of Italian hospitality.

You can browse and book our hotels comfortably online. All you will need for your check-in are your travel documents (e.g. passport or ID) and your digital booking confirmation.

Check-in hotel hours in Italy.

While you might find some slight variations across regions and destinations, most hotels in Italy offer similar check-in and check-out times. Check-in at any hotel time is usually 14:00 (2:00 p.m.) while check-out at hotels in Italy is anytime up to midday (12:00).

At Gruppo UNA, we want our guests to feel relaxed and comfortable, so don't hesitate to ask when booking if you require a late check-out from your hotel or need to check-in to a hotel early.

Tips for a smooth check-in to your hotel.

Save time by making sure your confirmation of reservation and payment is close to hand in case it is needed. Also, it is a legal requirement in Italy that hotels have to take passport photocopies of all foreign visitors, so have your passport ready to show. Our Gruppo UNA receptionists always endeavour to make copies straight away, but at busy peak times, they may need to keep your passport for a couple of hours or even overnight. Don't worry, it will be kept safe and secure.

Whether you have already paid for your room or you will pay on departure, you will likely be asked to leave a credit card at reception to cover any extras you use such as drinks in the bar or spa treatments. Once your card is registered, all you need to do during your stay is to tell staff members your room number.

If you have arranged to check in to your hotel in the morning, there might be a slight delay between your arrival and your room being ready. If this is the case, there will always be a secure area where you can leave your luggage while you enjoy a coffee or beer and start exploring the area.

Check in hotels in Italy

When you check in to your hotel room, why not see if any perks are available? It is always worth asking if there is an upgraded room or a room with a better view available. Checking in is also the perfect time to ask for recommendations for the best local restaurants, night spots or tourist attractions.

How to check out from your hotel.

Hotels need time to prepare rooms between guests which is why normal check-out times are usually a couple of hours before check-in starts in the afternoon. Should you, however, have a later flight or onward journey, ask at reception whether it is possible to have a later check-out time. Again, this depends on how busy the hotel is but at Gruppo UNA hotels, we always do our best to meet the needs of our guests. There may be a small charge for a later check-out time.

Should you need to check out from your hotel early in the morning to catch a flight, you can save time by completing the check-out process the evening before. At check-out, you will be presented with an itemised bill detailing your accommodation and any extras such as food or drink that weren't included in your reservation price. Always check your bill carefully just in case there are any discrepancies before paying by debit or credit card.

And, finally, don't forget to leave your room key or key card at reception as you depart.

At Gruppo UNA, we aim to make the check in and check out procedures at all of our hotels as quick and straightforward as possible. Multilingual and knowledgeable reception staff are always on hand to answer any queries and make local recommendations, so why not book your next Italian holiday now?