Breakfast in Rome: the best of the best

Breakfast in Rome: the best of the best

Historic cafes, avant-garde bars and patisseries: breakfast in Rome can be a unique experience

5 Oct 2021

Gruppo UNA

The Eternal City has quite a selection of cafes and bars where one can stop for refreshments. But which establishments are the to-go-to places for a memorable breakfast? Rome never fails to impress, every corner is a thing of beauty and wonder, but if you have a sweet tooth breakfasts will certainly become a highpoint of your stay. Here is our selection of places where to indulge in a glorious breakfast experience. 

Casa Manfredi – A coffee bar, a home, a family - Viale Aventino 91/93

The perfect Italian breakfast combo? A cornetto pastry with a cappuccino, of course, and Casa Manfredi is the proof that a rich and flavoursome breakfast is indeed possible, offering its customers a highly selected coffee range, lip-smacking cappuccini with trendy Latte Art embellishments, and on-point fragrant buttery croissants. Silky smooth custard cream stuffed pastries, complemented by an interesting selection of savoury treats. “This place is a home and we are a family” this is how the owners of Casa Manfredi like to describe themselves.

Casa Manfredi


Bompiani – A blissful moment to share - Largo Benedetto Bompiani, 8

Breakfast at this Tor Marancia patisserie just keeps getting better and better thanks to the passion and hard work of Walter Musco, former art gallery owner with a talent for selecting only top-quality ingredients, just like a painter would choose the colours for his palette. Bakery lovers here have plenty to choose from: Italian cornetto pastries, croissants, brioche pastries, cream filled bomboloni, donuts… The coffee selection is equally good with a number of blends by Mondi Caffè, a coffee roastery in Rome specialized in high quality blends and single-origin coffees, for a cup of espresso or brewed coffee.  



Regoli – A journey back in time - Via dello Statuto, 60

Pasticceria Regoli was founded in 1916 and is still owned by the Regoli family. This small artisanal bakery with its time-honoured recipes, blends the fragrance of tradition with a passion for classic patisserie, translating into the timeless flavour of their products. This historic patisserie of the Esquilino district has many specialities, but the finest one of all is the iconic maritozzo, a soft bun with a scoop of whipped cream filling down its centre: the ultimate Roman breakfast. Also available are classic cornetti pastries, either plain or with custard cream, chocolate or jam filling



Le Levain – A French touch  - Via Luigi Santini, 22

A few steps from Piazza San Cosimato, in the heart of Trastevere, Le Levain (sourdough in French) is the to-go-to place if you like French-style flaky, crisp croissants. Pain au chocolat are also a must, and so are their cinnamon pastries and their chausson aux pommes pastries with an apple filling. If you prefer a savoury breakfast you need not worry: Levain offers a selection of pastries with cheese, cured meat, and vegetable fillings. Homemade is the way.

Le Levain


Gruè – Chocolate perfection - Viale Regina Margherita, 9

Grué is considered one of the most innovative patisseries of central Italy. Everything is possible here. Creamy fragrant impeccable cakes with well-balanced distinctive flavours, always with a touch of crunch adding a note of musicality to the experience. Delicious pralines, homemade panettoni and pandori, as well as macarons, mignons and single-serving desserts and a range of chocolate confectionery are all part of Grué’s offer.


For a sweet Roman holiday

To try all the best breakfasts Rome has to offer, the ideal choice is to find an accommodation in the historical centre of the Eternal City. UNAHOTELS Decò Roma is an excellent location that will welcome you in style with its fine Art Deco architecture and interiors. Its famous restaurant could also be the perfect setting for a special occasion.