A Sicilian Street Food Discovery Tour

A Sicilian Street Food Discovery Tour

Arancino, pizzolo, pannelle, crocchè and many, many more... 

22 Jun 2020

Gruppo UNA

No stay in Sicily is complete without sampling the typical dishes this wonderful region has to offer. 
Indeed, authentic Sicilian street food is one of the finest street food cultures in the world. 
Scaccia, sfincione, arancino or arancina (debate still rages on which pronunciation is correct!), pane and pannelle are some of the most famous delicacies, and that’s before even considering all the sweet things like cannoli! 
Here are the best places to experience the various flavours of genuine Sicilian street food. Let’s go find out together.

Dainotti’s Apericapo on the road to the Capo Market, Palermo.

Dainotti’s Apericapo is a great place to sample the full range of typical Palermo and indeed Sicilian street food, including panelle, crocchè, arancine, stigghiola, quarume, i mangia e bevi (bacon and onion rolls) and on special occasion, milza (spleen) sandwiches. 
The restaurant overlooks the street on which Capo market is located, which explains why some of the premises is dedicated to sales with several stalls, as well as hosting an area of tables with waiter service, making this a perfect place to experience the authentic atmosphere of a real city market with all of the bustle, colours and scents of Sicily. 



Da Mimì - Proper street food in the working class district.

We continue our tour through Palermo, one of the world’s great street food capitals, with a trip to Da Mimì, a restaurant located in the Malaspina district that takes many design cues from classic street food kiosks. It is beautifully furnished and decorated, including many photographs. The menu offers typical Palermitan dishes, from pastellati to panelle and crocchè, caponata, caldume and rascature – scraps from the panelle! – and stigghiole (grilled lamb entrails). 



Caseificio Border at Ortigia market, a stone’s throw from Syracuse.

The heart and soul of genuine Sicily street food fills the sandwiches at the Caseificio Borderi cheese shop. Homemade craft cheeses, selections of top Sicilian food and wine... and if that weren’t enough, a well-stocked cellar of wines and artisan beers from Sicily. Andrea, a character in every respect, is the heart and soul of the entire market, with a quip for everyone as he’s making their sandwich. He laughs, jokes and tells hilarious anecdotes as he slices provola and caciocavallo, spreads oven-roasted ricotta cheese and offers free samples from his stock.



Where to stay in Syracuse. 

If you are looking for an idyllic location to savor all of Sicily’s splendours, then UNAHOTELS One Siracusa is the place for you, a Gruppo UNA hotel located a stone’s throw from the sea. It is also easily accessible from Syracuse old town. The property is home to a famous restaurant which serves local dishes with a gourmet touch, and also boasts an atmospheric Sky Roof. And it doesn’t end there. Guests are welcomed with wellness and fitness facilities too. 

UNAHOTELS One Siracusa


Scirocco Fish Lab: Fish-based street food in the heart of Catania fish market.

The Scirocco Fish Lab is located at the entrance to the fish market, with a view over the fish stalls and the Navy arches. This small kiosk is one of the most renowned street food venues in all of Sicily, located just behind the famous Elefantino fountain. As well as offering fried food, it also has a variety of quick dishes that are a perfect expression of true Sicilian tradition on land and sea.
It really is a special little stop-off to grab a quick bite to eat and enjoy the taste of tradition. 

Caffè Sicilia in the town of Noto. Beyond the savoury... 

Cannoli and granita are two great Sicilian street food alternatives for a quick snack out and about. This Cafe’ has been serving customers since 1892 in the splendid town of Noto, an open-air museum of Baroque art. It should be at the top of the day’s outings for any visitor with a sweet tooth. 
The place is a veritable theatre on which most famous actors of sweet Sicilian street food have been performing for 125 years: granitas, sorbets, cassatine, cakes and cannoli, they’re all here. 




Where to stay in Catania.

For your stay in Catania, we suggest Gruppo UNA Palace Catania | UNA Esperienze, located right in the heart of town and offering breathtaking views of Mount Etna. This historic luxury hotel has been faithfully restored to offer all mod cons while preserving its identity. Catania is also an excellent jumping off place for a trip to the charming town of Noto, which is about an hour away. 

Palace Catania | UNA Esperienze